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for Was Blind But Now I See

3/15/2017 c1 10Effie17
Great story
3/13/2017 c1 Justbec
Love this.. Great way to start my Monday. :)
3/12/2017 c1 176AZGirl
Thanks for that little bit more you gave us with this tag! As always, I enjoyed the Mac and Jack scene.
3/12/2017 c1 56Deliwiel
Aw, this was a great tag! I loved it!
3/12/2017 c1 170Ridley C. James
This was absolutely perfect. It was exactly what was needed as a tag and As always I loved your Jack and Mac moment! This episode gave us a little more of that old protective Jack that I love and even though I still don't understand the big Bozer push, he didn't overshadow that or take away from it. Proving it can be done. You did a nice job with him as well. Beautiful ending!
3/12/2017 c1 Lhaven
Love your story. And having Riley understand the trigger for Mac's 'non-celebration' was nice to bring her into the 'Mac circle'. Thanks for writing!
3/12/2017 c1 10302pilot
O how I so love your little tags! I'm glad Jack said something about Mac ignoring his orders. And I'm so glad Mac realized the bigger picture about birthdays. It was also nice to see a little Mac and Riley moment. We don't get those too often. Thank you for sharing! Love these guys!
3/11/2017 c1 3WynonaRose
Just perfect. You filled in the gaps very nicely.
3/11/2017 c1 121Mutilated Pancake
LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! I really do enjoy your bromance fics! They're so sweet and adorable :) This one was amazing! *hugs* Jack is such an awesome big brother. I thought he was going to put Mac over his knee for a minute there XD But still, so sweet! Excellent work my sweetie :)

Much love,
3/11/2017 c1 121only-some-loser
I love this so much man. Absolutely perfect :)
3/11/2017 c1 2Elise Deschat
Replace a bad memory with a good one...works for me!
3/11/2017 c1 67aqaws321
Aww, very cute. Loved it. :)
3/11/2017 c1 20TheLadyBath
Warm feels. Thank you. That was sweet.

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