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10/29/2019 c1 pumpkinspicelove
What fun! Thanks for writing a story that made me laugh out loud. I could just picture the scene in the kitchen, rooster and all. The dialogue was great. Reminded me of stories I heard about my grandfather who was a dentist being paid in chickens or eggs during the Great Depression.
4/30/2018 c1 Katherine
A nice little story for the day
12/3/2017 c1 6MissusH
Super cute!
11/18/2017 c1 AgentKalGibbs
I did not, in fact, giggle at this, and my father definitely did not look at me weirdly for it... XD
8/21/2017 c1 6savedher
This made me laugh several times. Thanks for that! Jean saves the day, as usual.
3/20/2017 c1 10miss.ouiser
lol Great story! Very funny and everyone so in character. A true cock-up!
3/12/2017 c1 coachsone
I'm still laughing. This story is great. I can just imagine Lucien standing there with a chicken under his arm. Hilarious! Thanks for sharing.
3/12/2017 c1 47Crinklybrownleaves
At the moment happy stories with Lucien and random animals is all I really want. So well done.
3/12/2017 c1 4PlatinumNib
Oh, Jean! Lucien brings you a beautiful cock and all you can think of doing with it is eating it?
(did I really dare?)
3/12/2017 c1 154NancyMay
So typical of Lucien, this made me laugh out loud. I won't look at today's roast chicken in the same light! Very well done.
3/12/2017 c1 49bugsfic
Hah! Happy endings animals stories forever now! Clueless Lucien is clueless! Seething Jean seethes! Chook clucks!
3/11/2017 c1 6HikerLady
Ha ha. That was hilarious. So Lucien too!

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