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for A Good Dream?

5/5/2017 c3 15Lovania
I'm interested in the story. I really like the way you picture harry and snape. I wanna know what happens, please update!
Also, i don't think 13 reviews are 'little interest'
4/29/2017 c3 11Prunus padus
More please! Love the snape/dobby bickering!
4/29/2017 c2 Prunus padus
Omg so is the 'red phase ' gone forever? Dobby seems to believe so...
4/29/2017 c1 Prunus padus
My, What a rabbit hole you've dug here. Hilarious. I love the confusion, and how each on his side pretends not to be.
3/26/2017 c1 Guest
Interesting beginning.
One niggle: it should be "mansion-cum-palace"; "cum" is Latin for "with" or "plus."
3/27/2017 c3 Hornbugv
funny. reminds me of a parody of monty python
3/27/2017 c3 Tae Rames
I'm enjoying it :)
3/17/2017 c1 Thomas
Very enjoyable, I want more!
3/16/2017 c1 Tae Rames
Really good. It's different from the normal run of the mill H.P stories, am looking forward to some more -SOON :).
3/18/2017 c2 66notwritten
This story is good and original. Keep smiling. :-)
3/16/2017 c1 Tae Rames
Very enjoyable, I want to see where the author goes with this.
3/14/2017 c1 2Winoniel
Great story! Looking forward to reading more!
3/13/2017 c1 2teedub
Quite a funny story.

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