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for Extreme Euphoria

2/26 c30 Mowatts87
That was one wild party. Although Hunter was wrong for letting things get out of control, I feel like Sebastian is finally starting to feel how he has made others feel.
1/16 c1 Guest
Hope you return soon
9/20/2023 c28 Mowatts87
After her mom asked the question I knew that she was going to ask him. I wonder if they'll be able to repair things after this?
9/20/2023 c28 Red1FL
I don’t know what to say about Bas…
But I’m glad Merce had the courage to ask him.
6/1/2023 c27 Red1FL
God his father is F-ing dick….
11/6/2022 c26 Red1FL
Oh Sebastian …
8/23/2022 c24 Mowatts87
The fact that he kept it is so sweet.
8/2/2022 c1 Guest
Are you still updating this?
7/7/2022 c1 Guest
Please update hope you return
6/14/2022 c23 Guest
Literally my favorite Mercedes fanfic. Thank you for updating this masterpiece! Can’t wait for the next.
5/27/2022 c22 Guest
Need more Mercedes and Bash interactions please excited for more
4/3/2022 c21 Mowatts87
My heart really goes out to Mercedes. She's been dealt a rough hand and she has decided to continually show nothing but love and kindness to others.
4/2/2022 c20 Guest
Fantastic writing! Please update
3/13/2022 c1 Guest
Hope you Return soon
2/7/2022 c1 Guest
Please update
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