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for Extreme Euphoria

1/22/2022 c20 Guest
This is getting good. Keep updating please
1/21/2022 c20 Mowatts87
It's almost like the more they are together the less they truly understand each other. I wonder if and how the tides will turn.
10/17/2021 c19 Mowatts87
I'm so glad Mercedes has a friend she talk to about these types of things. This was cute and much needed for her.
10/17/2021 c19 Emma
I’m so glad marley and Mercedes have become friends they seem to really get along and see Where the other person is trying to come from.
10/14/2021 c18 Emma
Just court up was a little behind
These two are so bloody cute, she thinks stuff about him he thinks about stuff with her but they never do anything.
I do wish Sebastian would open up about his family to Mercedes’ she would listen and be a friend.
I really hope Mercedes will go upstairs to Sebastian room, that Would be so cute them falling asleep together.
9/20/2021 c18 Mowatts87
This was cute but also insightful. Slightly drunk Mercedes is cute. I
8/3/2021 c16 Red1FL
So much damn disfunction …. But I’m waiting for more of it to come from them?

Keep it up :)
8/3/2021 c16 Mowatts87
I'm on the border when it comes to their friendship. I know Mercedes is helping Sebastian to be more considerate of others and conscious of how his actions effect others(her) but I'm worried about her. I don't want him to continue to hurt and disrespect her.
7/22/2021 c15 Guest07
Can’t wait for more!
6/30/2021 c13 Guest
Keep it coming please!
5/25/2021 c12 Mowatts87
I'm glad they're getting to know each other better. I wonder how Sebastian is going to feel about Mercedes' new friend.
5/7/2021 c11 Guest
Love seeing the character development in Sebastian. Can’t wait for more!
4/27/2021 c11 Mowatts87
I loved getting to see them just hanging out.
4/26/2021 c10 Mowatts87
I really hope his parents realize what they are doing to their kids. Someone needs to open their eyes to the damage they are causing.
4/25/2021 c9 Mowatts87
I'm glad Mercedes and Sebastian have an understanding. I wonder how her new friendship is going to effect Sebastian?
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