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7/20/2017 c10 AzureSoulReaper
wonder if harry is going to get all three hallows concepts still?
7/20/2017 c9 AzureSoulReaper
painful truth but a necessary one
7/20/2017 c8 AzureSoulReaper
so he needs to get rid of the soul pieces without destroying the founders objects
7/20/2017 c7 AzureSoulReaper
i say good on harry forceing the correct action
7/20/2017 c6 AzureSoulReaper
interesting take
7/20/2017 c5 AzureSoulReaper
that's something to be careful of
7/20/2017 c4 AzureSoulReaper
nice first fight
7/20/2017 c3 AzureSoulReaper
i totally see hermione reacting like that
7/20/2017 c2 AzureSoulReaper
fun training
7/20/2017 c1 AzureSoulReaper
touching start
7/20/2017 c17 Guest
Hope you up!
7/20/2017 c17 RRW
What an effective way to get Dobby to spill the beans. Also will Colin be part of Harry's group? What about Luna?
7/20/2017 c17 alpha
Read it for the 1st time toxay. It is great so far. The story seems to be getting a bit better as it goes on. Really loved how u brought out fact of lucius givng the diary (from dobby i mean). Really wonderful
Give a thought to the pairing pls...not Hermoine or heavens forbid Ginny though.
Pairings could be Daphne or Astoria or Fleur or Gabrielle (no change in age, just after Gabrielle finishes her studies though)
I liked a couple of fanfics where gabby was paired with harry after she completed her education or around her final year. It was some really good story.
Hope u give it some thought.
7/20/2017 c17 ronlol2
7/20/2017 c17 1davycrockett100
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