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3/13/2017 c1 2Charles Ceaser
Awesome chapter. Please update soon
3/13/2017 c1 3Reishin Amara
wonder if harry will take any trips in the future to the ninja world since Obito can do portals?

Also,now i have the crazy idea for a Harry Potter x Himawari Uzumaki fanfic...
3/13/2017 c1 3PersonaQeminod1
Please tell me that part of Tobi personallity be in Harry because that well be funny to see and scary too.
3/13/2017 c1 5Silver-Viper
This seems great! I hope you continue this soon.
3/13/2017 c1 62TheBlackSeaReaper
I like it. Please continue.
3/13/2017 c1 Guest
Please update soon
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