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for Scenes from Die Zauberflöte

11/5/2017 c2 4AlpineSheep
I wasn't sure where all this was going to go but let me just say I absolutely love it! The duet between Sarastro and the Queen is written to perfection - I could almost imagine how it would be sung - and now I wish that the scene could somehow be a part of the opera :)

The relationship between the Queen and her husband seems in character to me. All I really feel that I know about Paminia's father is that he carved the magic flute and possessed the medallion prior to Sarastro, but even with that knowledge I would have to agree that he and the Queen probably did not always see eye to eye, especially with the ruthlessness that the Queen has. On that note I just LOVE the Queen's reaction to the chimes, and her suppression of childhood innocence as she had done once before in favor of power. So in character. And quite in character for the chimes too, to be gifted with such powers.

I guess this is where the story ends? It could, I suppose as the plot would pick up now where the Queen's first aria begins. But still, I would love to see more of this backstory somehow!

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