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11/24 c215 Creativenameok
Gonna be honest, I thought that winged one was cherish(?). Heartbreaker’s kid that joined the s9 in canon.
9/29 c125 Mastersgtjames
I get the feeling that you stopped posting regular chapter updates for this story(and possibly others) either because you got burned out... Or that you got demoralized and disinterested in it because of negative feedback and criticism...
So I REALLY want you to know that there are a LOT of people who genuinely enjoy and love these stories... and are waiting, constantly, with baited breath, for when their updated pick back up again... Instead of just maybe one chapter every six months to a year.
There is just soo much more I want to see/experience. It's like having your favorite TV show go on hiatus(or get cancelled) in the middle of the season.
I want to see the PRT find their Ry'lyeth, I want to see the BBFO and the DWU continue to grow, eventually with more people being brought in on the "secret" and maybe more "Family members" visiting the Bay as more people are given Tails, Suits, and stuff...

Honestly, feel the same way about most of your stories.
9/23 c1 harbinger12
dose anyone else get pinkythe brain from how Taylor and the. Varga speak to each other
9/14 c58 danielpheonix
good story but too long and moves too slowly. I also have to complain about the power balance being way off.
8/24 c39 ArachnidHiveMind
Ok seriously was this a Simurgh plot or what. Uf you just saying it was a coincidence or plot or whatever is dumb
8/24 c37 ArachnidHiveMind
I swear the Varga gave Taylor a not-so-minor probability power
8/23 c44 jaselp00
I agree, it is amusing.
8/23 c12 ArachnidHiveMind
Ugh I hate that I have to tell people this, there is zero fossil records of either Tyrannosaurus Rex or Velociraptor having feathers, the presence of feathers on such dinosaurs is purely suppositional. There is all of one dinosaur that has fossil evidence of feathers, and it’s what made people think birds came from them (that and a few bone structure things) some scientists who subscribe to the Theory of Evolution prefer to think and SAY that things like the T. Rex and Velociraptor had feathers because it supports their beliefs. While understandable, such behavior is completely unprofessional, and leads basically anybody who hasn’t specifically studied such things to believe that it’s scientifically proven feathers existed on dinosaurs, which is almost completely incorrect.
8/22 c25 Enclave1
Saurilium would have been a far more amusing name for the super metal.
8/13 c281 1InHumanMan
If I had one complaint about this fic, it is how slice of life it is. Anything and anyone that could up the stakes to the story (S9, Bakuda, the end bringers) are all being (or have been) taken out in the back ground by all these random boring circumstances (S9 all killed by suicidal hippies with TNT and snipers, enbringers run away instead of fighting after nearly 100 chapters hyping the fight up and Bakuda put in a coma by a accident).

The most hype I've felt reading this fic is when Lung appeared and that was like 90 chapters ago. After that no-show, Taylor, Amy, and Lisa gets more powerful for what seems like no reason at all other than to add more mystery and validation to the family conspiracy. Which is funny but it ends up making the story lackluster since the power ups does nothing but lower the stakes of any confrontation they get in.

If you like a long fix-it fic with trolling, science, and funny Omakes and ridiculous power levels, then this is for you. But if you want something that is more true to worm with some real escalation and stakes then this is going to be boring for you because their essential isn't any for 208 chapters.

But overall pretty good 6/10 for me.
8/12 c72 Mastersgtjames
The only interaction in this story that I dislike is that MM and Director Piggot both keep thinking that "The Family" are Biotinker creations until they can no longer think that. Which is annoying, as I would think they should have stopped thinking that once Saurial revealed her Matter Creation abilities and that she can create EDM. Neither of which they should think are things a Biotinker can duplicate. It would be a BIG think if there was a Biotinker who could create things that have their own powers, especially matter creation powers(which would be HUGE), but even more especially EDM, since Armsmaster will have told them what EDM is, and how absolutely impossible it is.

Still really looking forward to new chapters.
8/3 c29 Mastersgtjames
Maybe I am remembering incorrectly, but this feels like it is missing a chapter, where Saurial shows up to fight Hookwolf, was not able to hurt him fast enough to actually slow him down or contain him, then jumped into the Bay to "get Raptaur", only to then curb stomp Hookwolf, Then the next chapter was this one, where they notice the Undersiders watching and toy with them.
8/2 c6 Mastersgtjames
Man, really feeling desperate for some new chapters to your stories... Taylor Varga, Distance Learning, Hermione Learns a thing, Kernel...
7/31 c144 Winged One
Oh! I didn't know the Simurgh had a PHO account! She really should take her family and move, I heard Earth Gimal is nice.
7/6 c162 Sensepi Rescopula
this was very creative this is cannon to me and you can't tell me otherwise
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