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6/19/2022 c50 Guest
I would have thought you would've done ruby with Blake, Pyrra or Penny.
5/2/2022 c48 entryExcluded
It’s always nice to see people responding to being bashed with defiance
2/1/2022 c17 Guest
I find this story very intresting. Even if I only found it on accident looking for ruby x neo ships. Normally I see Salem as the mother but mommy cinder is nice too. Still hate Ozma and the gods though. If I see hide or hair of them I will rant.
11/24/2021 c54 6Ryan Hughes the world creator
I just wanna say this is by far the greatest Fic to ever exist.

This fic is what got me into fanfiction. And help me discover my love for stories lile this and others similar to it on or making my own. I seriously and absolutely would say this fic. My Little Fire flower is THE best fic out there ever! I hope you return to finish this fic i really really do. But at the same time dont rush yourself! This fic begging to this point right now has been so amazing and awsome! And i do hope to see more of Ruby. Her mother Cinder. And the trials that Volume 2 and 3 will have before the family and for everyone in Beacon. Can't wait till the next chapter!
5/25/2021 c25 Victorius 435
The interesting thing is I can hear the music and imagine this scenes so you did a very good job with it
4/12/2021 c35 Urtoryu
I really liked this.
4/12/2021 c34 Urtoryu
"oh no! Weiss is freaking out because of Wolfie!"
"Ren, your semblance!"
"On it..."
"Oh no! Wolfie is freaking out because she's suddently blind cause of Ren's semblance and is hitting her head everywhere!"
"Ren, your semblance!"
"On it..."
"Oh no! Now that Ren's trying to focus his semblance only on Weiss, Jaune started running away in fear!"
"Ren, your semblance!"
"On it..."
*Ozpin looking at them through the cameras*
"Looks like things are shaping up to be an interesting year."

Before we reached episode 1 I was loving the story and really exited for it to reach the show, after it did, I was very disappointed with how thing happens, as this fic has massive differences from canon, but you made it as close to it as possible, seemingly trowing everything I was exited for out of the window, making Yang and Weiss forget Ruby, so the meetings I couldn't wait for never happened, just replacing Yang for Blake on the sister scenes, so there was nothing really different... It really seemed like you were writing an amazing fic and then though: "you know all this great stuff I did, let's throw it all in the trash and turn the story into something boring and meningless."
With that said, these interludes could be what saves it from being a complete disappointment.
4/12/2021 c33 Urtoryu
"what's the problem?"
"We don't know anything about her."
"Okay, so why is not knowing anything a problem?"
"because we don't know anything about her."
"Right... You said that before, I'm asking why that concerns you, just not knowing anything doesn't look that bad for me, what's so bad about it?"
"As I said before, not knowing anything is a problem because we don't know anything about her."

Does that seem a bit repetitive or suspicious to you? Cause that's exactly how that conversation sounded like to me.

"How and why would anyone look up to her!?"
Says the girl who looked up to her when she was a kid...

Ozpin is amazing, that scene was so funny! Port insulting Weiss in the show was great, but this was good enough I didn't miss it.

"You see... This is... Actually a normal wolf! She just happens to look like a Grimm, it's a coincidence!"
*Wolfie disappears into her cloak*
"Aaand... That's her semblance! She actually has aura!'
"Ruby, do you really think we'll believe that?!"
*Yang pops out from behind them*
"Actually, my dog also has aura, it's not that strange."
4/12/2021 c32 Urtoryu
I still don't understand why so many fics put "hunter" instead of "huntsman". Write it like it is in the show...

I'm a little disappointed that Weiss doesn't remember Ruby, not only would it make the story way more interesting, as it would make sense. The time she met Ruby was not only a very meaningful moment, which helps her remember it, but was also a big event that was on TV.
I think she does remember it, but didn't realize Ruby is that girl she met. After all, even if she does remember the event, she might not remember how Ruby looked like. If that's not the case I'd be really disappointed...

Unfortunately, as sad as it is to admit, idiocy is indeed contagious. Once my brother, who's a good chess player, told me of a time he played it with a friend of his. His friend constantly made dumb and reckless moves, and that was the game my brother made the most mistakes he ever did in a chess game.
4/1/2021 c54 1ShadowUnturned
3/8/2021 c31 Urtoryu
Wait, how the hell are Mercury and Emerald still alive after that birthday fic?
Best part is that Neo can actually do that with the sign using her semblance.
Also, I'd want a Pin the Tail on the Tyrian game, that's an amazing idea for a game, Salem does have good taste.
And surprisingly Tyrian's gift was good.
Arthur made Ruby a game? Even considering the "she will always lose" thing, making a game requires a lot of time and effort, so in a way he did care for what to give her.

But it's pretty sad you only got one birthday fic, it would be cool if more people wrote something like THB4 did.

Now, where's the next Q&A panel? I'm still waiting for Salem to do it.
3/7/2021 c29 Urtoryu
I guess wire can fit the color naming rule because even not beeing asociated with a specific color, wires are identified by colors, and normally associated with them.
The team names were a bit forced, but making a team name with specific characters that fits the color naming rule is really hard, I've tried before.
I honestly wasn't able to follow Ruby's attack very well, what I got was that she hit the Nevermore's neck while spinning and started spinning the Nevermore with her, with everything on fire of course, and then slammed the spinning Nevermore in the flying Deathstalker trowing both of them down with all the fire. I think I got the scene right, but I can't really imagine how a spinning Nevermore stuck to Crecent Flame would look like...
Glynda wouldn't be a good headmaster for Beacon, I can't see her catapulting students of a cliff while drinking hot chocolate and smiling. And that's a must for the headmaster. Also, she doesn't pass that "I am the wisest person in the world" vibe that Ozpin does. Seriously, if you didn't think the guy was a living legend when he first showed up, you started thinking that when he said "I've made more mistakes than any man, woman or child on this planet." What kind of quote is that!?
3/7/2021 c28 Urtoryu
This was written before volume 6, so it's obvious that if you gave a backstory to Salem it wouldn't be the same one. The problem is that after this it would be harder to consider the story from volume 6 as having happened on this version, which would mean that my plan of a happy ending with Salem and Ozpin getting married again wouldn't be possible. The thing is, I could see this story happening between the return of humanity and her isolation as The Witch if the part about her parents was made up, which seemed so from the way she said it. Maybe it was during a time where she tried living with humanity and was rejected. The problem with getting the two stories together would be the part of this beeing the first time she loved someone, that wouldn't be the case if she was married with Ozma in the past. Conclusion: my theory won't happen. It's sad... I was kinda hoping you wouldn't give Salem a backstory before volume 6 released...
So, with this story I wonder what her motivations for attacking Beacon are. She could have a problem with Ozpin that started after she ran from that village, or it could simply be hate towards humanity. If it's the first it will depend on what exactly the story is, but if it is the second, I can still see Ruby pacifying her.
Of course, this could not have a happy ending at all, we'll have to wait and see.
3/7/2021 c27 Urtoryu
Wow, Jaune actually won Weiss over, that was a great job, good work Jaune!
So Ozpin and Glynda are considering Nora, Ruby and Blake, Pyrrha as teams? Wasn't it the first person you made eye contact? Or was that just a lie to either troll the student or to make it easy for them to stick together with whoever they encountered first? If that was the case you should have said it to avoid confusion.
About Pyrrha's scene, she did use the shield as a weapon in the show, like with the deathstalker or Cinder. I think she would manage to kill 3 ursa with it.
Well, even if Ozpin won't send Ruby to jail for the attempted murder of Amber, maybe Glynda can convince him to send her there for illegal logging and destruction of private property.
3/6/2021 c26 Urtoryu
I don't know how I feel about Jaune teaming up with Weiss, as much as she hates it, they made eye contact, so by the rules they are a team. I just hope Ruby can get Blake on her team, but from how things are going, this could end with the same canon team but with Ruby and Jaune swapped. That way you'd be able to have Blake, Yang and Weiss fighting Roman without Ruby there to makes things awkward.
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