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9/17/2017 c15 Shiiva
There is no yandere lol. There isn't any unhealthy obsession or killing for love.
7/19/2017 c1 2SubparHoot
Three words:
7/17/2017 c12 84Master Shorty 11
Hm... a bit intresting. Normally, I try to stay away from Gay shippings, but, this is pretty good. Keep writing.

7/15/2017 c12 deadaccounte
Teh nightmares ono
7/15/2017 c11 deadaccounte
7/15/2017 c12 itanimulli
This nightmare... Oh good god... I'd remember something like this ALL MY LIFE
Good thing no yandere is running after me...
Uhm... I guess ? *looks around, afraid*
I'd better run off... Good chap, btw~
Ita-Chan, out !
7/5/2017 c11 itanimulli
Fiuh ! Link is now fine ! Good... I am relieved...
... But PLEASE DON'T KILL WEEGEE ! *cries* you'll destroy poor Mario !
Though, I enjoy tragedies... But Mario would be so sad... AH ! You know what ? Screw it ! AS LONG AS TEMMIE IS FINE EVERYTHING IS FINE ! (and as long as Dark Pit and Mega Man and Zelda and Toon Link are too...)
I am getting out of subject there, sorry
Well, i hope you update quickly this story or any other one ! (because yeah i expect chapters for a certain story i reviewed) (*cough*with the apocalypse*cough*)
See you later out there on the forum~
Ita-Chan, out !
6/24/2017 c10 hfirfhrig
okay,this was a good chapter,but im going to nitpick a small bit here,1) why did he tell toon link when he thought zelda whouldent trust him and why was toon link never brought up in this situation and 2) why is lucus being told this? i mean,he was not brought up once is this story and im confused by that
6/21/2017 c10 deadaccounte
6/20/2017 c9 deadaccounte
"I feel you, SFreaking UNDERTALE Also Merio knows which could potentuially be very bad
6/20/2017 c8 deadaccounte
Link, it is not you, it is Dark. Also, FOX WHY. Also again, I forgot about Pit for a while but IF DARK KILLED HIM HE SHALL DIE
6/20/2017 c7 deadaccounte
Oh, so THAT'S how he got the CD. I didn't read the chapter title for chapter six so I didn't know ANYWAY, his nightmare came true oh gawd
6/20/2017 c6 deadaccounte
Where did he get the CD footage? Also, yes, Dark Link should be burning in the Nether realm
6/20/2017 c5 deadaccounte
Yeah, Dark Link probably does look a little pissed to see you if you can stop him from controlling Link and killing everyone
6/20/2017 c4 deadaccounte
Mewtwo why? You let your guard down for one second and then this happens. I TOLD YOU TO ALWAYS BE THE OP MEWTWO THAT YOU ARE
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