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12/6 c59 brittingbloom
Tom worrying about how the students are being kept safe is hilarious. This seemed like such a simple plot, but you have done so so much with it :) Thanks for writing!
12/6 c47 brittingbloom
This is so unique! I can't wait to see what happens next!
12/6 c34 evymel
12/6 c3 evymel
lol Tom
12/3 c81 Guest
I’m dying
12/3 c65 Guest
Tuna is extremely suitable
12/3 c62 Guest
Ahhhhhhhhhhh Tom!
12/3 c60 Guest
12/3 c51 Guest
That was insane. I loved it
12/3 c43 Guest
I adore this
12/3 c41 Guest
hahahaha ooops
12/3 c40 Guest
Awwwww hahahaha
12/3 c39 Guest
12/3 c38 Guest
Oh I love these two
12/3 c35 Guest
Hahahahahahaha how like Tom.
I love that Luna figured it out. It's very like her to do that
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