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for Luna Lovegood and the Dark Lord's Diary

3h c55 MissPurpleQuill
This is the absolute best paragraph in this fanfic! You could not have better summarized the absurdity of the Book 4 Dark Plan than you did right here. Brilliant!
8/6 c89 Guest
7/31 c101 UnboundReylo
This story was so delightfully wonderful, unexpected, and fun to read. I’m so happy I stumbled upon a rec for it on Twitter, and thank you for sharing it with the world. <3
7/29 c51 Mbungu
Okay, i first thought you were a little ableist of how you seemed to make luna into a joke or an angel or both (you still might be, idk)
But the story is quite funny. I really enjoy it
7/28 c86 zergling101010
Hopefully the stinging hex is actually just a stinging hex and not crucio lmao
7/13 c84 Guest
Thomas is ok...
But... Belle?
6/23 c95 1DeadFish37
Very well done on the poetry
6/23 c51 DeadFish37
I was thinking of the paradox for the werewolf too, except that also carries danger of death
6/23 c48 DeadFish37
This is an absolutely brilliant arc. Very fun changes to the story
6/21 c50 Guest
I'm pretty sure that there is a 5 or 6 hour limit to the amount of time the time turner can turn
6/19 c101 Guest
This was really fun.
6/19 c93 Guest
"I think you may be concussed" The other man told him with a frown "Either that or you're just stupider than I remember"

Could go either way, really.
6/19 c20 Guest
Hold on Tom. I'll just get my journal. I'm sure that will give me a few ideas.


...are we quite sure that it's Voldemort who is the dark lord here?
6/10 c101 SunPho3n1x
This has been an absolutely wonderful story! I really enjoyed reading it. Thank you for writing this.
6/8 c101 helloseem
Simply brilliant! I couldn't keep it down after starting it! Loved every character's portrayal.
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