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for A Shadow Casts Over The Sunshine

7/14/2021 c1 Guest
Morrrre please
1/19/2021 c1 Guest
Please make a part 2 this was amazing
11/15/2020 c1 Ariel Cook
Amazing! May you please keep writing
10/31/2020 c1 BelowZero09
plzz continue this!
10/8/2020 c1 Hortensejam
First I was thinking "Not completed ? It's nothing ! I probably not regret that !". But I'm regret so much. I want more ! Because it's so cool ! (Sorry my English is not that good, I'm French)
9/5/2020 c1 francesca
i loved it plz make more this is so good you did an amazing jodb ill cheer you on from the side line uwu .
9/4/2020 c1 Guest
It was awesome make more
9/1/2020 c1 Guest
I love this!
Come back Reader-chan!
7/29/2020 c1 Yamamah Hammadi
When will you updated the next chapters b/c I can't wait anymore to wait and read what happens next.

And I really loved this story I think its unique.

P.s: please update the next chapters as soon as possible.
4/13/2020 c1 8miyuki.kanbe
pretty pretty please update this story, i want to know the next story and the ending...
4/13/2020 c1 miyuki.kanbe
why don't you update here or at wattpad? i think this is a good story since well i like this genre more than anything...
3/1/2020 c1 Guest
IDC IF THIS IS THREE YEARS OLD! You should make a second part! Or more?! ️️️️️️
2/17/2020 c1 DarkHinataShouyou
plz update
1/24/2020 c1 Guest
Really interesting and is well written so fare. Can’t wait for more! Kudos too the author!
12/13/2019 c1 pppdiaper
are you ever going to continue this?
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