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for A Preference for Purple

10/1/2021 c4 leafy
this chapter was very good
12/10/2020 c2 1Keith Kogay
At first when i saw that lance was galra i almost clicked off but i like it now
9/18/2020 c9 SapphireWolf03
Omg I'm going to cry! This was sosososo cute! It will forever be saved in my library.
9/18/2020 c8 SapphireWolf03
OH MY GOD! That was so good! You are an amazing writer and you managed to make this such an adorable and emotional love filled chapter while also writing some awesome smut. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! Keep up the good work!
8/15/2020 c9 M
This was sooo sweet and had the best ending
8/5/2020 c9 jackssav002
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!? Omigosh! Loved this SO MUCH! It was so cute and the smut was incredible, if a little short. The fluff though, the fluff! Exquisite! I nearly DIED from the overload of cuteness. It was perfect!
6/11/2019 c5 UnKnown fangirl
Hola I really love this! And is lance going to learn spanish?Why am I asking questions when I haven’t even finished it idk! But if you need another idea my idea is that lance is part Galra but only grew up with the Galra’s so he didn’t know suddenly while he’s training with Keith ( or talking in a room of people) his human form shows! So he runs to a mirror ( or he could be looking in a mirror in the first place and call everyone over! I would make it myself but i’m Lazy

PS: I love ur work3
5/9/2019 c9 hungergamesfan123456789
please update
2/7/2019 c9 1KeithHatesLove21
This was an amazing story and I will most DEFINITELY be requesting it to all of my klance loving freinds and I will also be rereading this GOOD JOB AUTHOR-CHAN!
12/9/2018 c9 2InuYoiushi
Great story, I can’t wait to see what you write next.
8/23/2018 c9 ThisIsHowLongUsernamesCanBeeee
Beautiful! Beautiful story, beautiful angst, beautiful smut ; ) , beautiful ending. You know, one way to up your smut would be to make the bottom more sensitive, and focus on the feels and sounds imao.
8/22/2018 c9 Kilataia
Swet story :)!
8/17/2018 c2 4FastestTurtleAlive717
i love it! this is so cool, i enjoy it very much, i can't think of anything you could do better! it's amazing!
8/10/2018 c9 16Song Angel
Awww... So sweet. I wish we could have seen some of the pregnancy. Would have been interesting. But I did enjoy this. Great job.
8/2/2018 c9 29Eclipse Night Warrior
i hate for this to end but everything must end eventually, i loved it hope you can right more.
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