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2/29 c33 1aitor.rosell.torralba
re-readed again, still freaking good.
5/3/2023 c33 Dreamingsleep
9/10, read it in one sitting and do not regret it.
4/11/2022 c33 zenongcortez
damn I'm glad we at least got a summary. I'd be so down for a sequel
11/29/2021 c24 darthkratos24
Wait wait wait...what? You had a stealth mission...AND DIDN'T SEND THE STEALTH SQUAD! It's literally what they're trained to do!
11/29/2021 c12 darthkratos24
Sooo you're just giving him the perfect cover? No weaknesses what so ever like in canon? Everyone is just conveniently under his blades spell?... Booooring
11/29/2021 c7 darthkratos24
I'm not going to lie...this was a shot chapter ichigo is pathetically weak but other then that it makes no sense we know he's "hollow" only did what it did to make him stronger? We also know ichigo was actually not using his soul reaper powers so the "hollow" shouldn't be able to take them hell even if ichigo was using them that's not how power in bleach works... I mean it's fanfiction but still you got to go by the law of universe your in.
7/2/2021 c18 Guest
Starts with a "Ka" (in Japanese, not English)
7/2/2021 c18 Guest
11/2/2020 c1 Daggerxxx
Meh, I don't believe in this story. Ishida and Orihime are dead and Ichigo is like "Well Okay"? Bullshit
8/13/2020 c33 9Oghenevwogaga
I just binged this in an hour. Couldn't look away. Absolutely AMAZINGGGGGGG
4/6/2020 c33 Tsukoblue
Please make a new Bleach story or rewrite this one?
3/21/2020 c33 Officer Hotpants
Makes sense. I'm glad you came back to tell us what you had in mind. There's nothing more infuriating than when an author says "yawn! Bored now!" and just quits without a word to the audience 30 chapters into a story.
3/21/2020 c26 Officer Hotpants
"Szayel felt a buzz in his pants-"

I FUCKING KNEW IT! He replaced his-

"-and pulled out a PDA like device from his pocket."

... screw it! I know what I know!
3/1/2020 c33 Funny-Little-Cute White Fox
2/10/2020 c33 Oblivious IJ

Secondly, kinda disappointed with how it turned out but I guess the ending notes made up for it.

Thirdly, don't have a third thing...

Fourthly, Noice.

IJ the oblivious one
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