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6/13 c2 Lucifer-Satani
Damn! You always make the best stories.
I loved this one (even if it was a bit short, but I understand why).
Can I just say that, I might be the only one but I'd love a novel size fic on what Harry and Daphne did after Hogwarts. I think it would be at least a bit interesting.
5/6 c2 DeadFish37
Tropes galore! Enjoyable enough though.
Simply Fantastic.
4/22 c2 Marcefriasu
Shit I enjoyed this so much. Ty for this beautiful fanfic
4/16 c2 Publius R
Great story!
4/8 c2 Guest-via-me
The story of the power couple. Dread it. Run from it. Destiny still arrives.
3/18 c2 Guest
Bad ending after a reasonably interesting story. Did Harry have to conquer all and become King of the World? Did Ginny have to die alone? Daphne take mean-spirited revenge on the Dursley’s? The ending of ruined the story for me.
3/15 c2 stvwilling
loved this story
2/28 c2 40Concolor44
Absolutely stunning. Loved the whole thing. Read it in one sitting (and that's unusual for me).

This goes into Favorites.
2/27 c2 A Q XD
2/21 c2 Jacob9324
I don't know how many times I have read this story but every time I do it always great to read keep up the good work
2/19 c1 Hank1967
Excellent story! Really enjoyed it. Re-read it after a few years and it still reads as well as the first time. Enjoyed how you developed Harry and Daphne's relationship. I think that developing it while under the stress of the post war world, school and (most of all) an infant was a good way of showing how stable their bond was. Had to laugh at Ron, Ginny and Hermione. Clueless, the lot of them. Glad to see that Harry destroyed Dumbledore's portrait as well. Enjoyed the commentary on all of their kids. McGonagall should have retired before they came... Great job!
2/3 c2 Guest
1/17 c2 4fundaore
1/9 c2 1Junky
Hm. I like your stories but your explanation for the change of Teddy's name is quite ridiculous. As you said, Harry's reputation shielded Teddy even in canon. Nobody would dare to criticize the blood adopted son of your Harry. Also, Harry's reaction to potential prejudice being to hide his godson's true heritage rather than overcome the problem i.e. Harry should have instead taken a stand and tackled problems unfairly faced by werewolves and their non-affected progeny rather than forcibly ridding all surface connections Teddy had with his parents. A pretty superficial and underwhelming approach, in my honest opinion.

But otherwise, I loved it. Glad I decided to visit your author page after finding your stories. :)
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