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6/19/2020 c5 13Sailor Dragonball 87
Oh no! What made that moaning sound that Sonic and Puss heard? What other characters will show up? Can’t wait for more!
6/18/2020 c3 Sailor Dragonball 87
Ooo, I think Loki has a crush on Elsa !
10/28/2018 c4 31dragonrider1234
Oh My GOSH! Please continue this! I am loving this idea so so so MUCH! You've captured the characters and each of their personalities so well! And for some reason, I am digging the Leo and Elsa ship...don't know why lol. My only critique is that there are times where the story is almost in perfect match with the movie/episode, and that kinda throws off the story in my opinion. But all in all, amazing.
9/16/2018 c4 Watson Smith
Writing Avenger 2016, i love this story, and i love the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Please update soon, because i will keep reading this story, and when will we see the next 4 chapters of this story?
8/11/2018 c4 13Sailor Dragonball 87
Excellent! What other characters will show up? Any superheroes or wizards?
5/3/2017 c1 Sailor Dragonball 87
Thanks for writing this. I'd really like to see where this goes, so please keep going! Is Loki going to get the hots for Elsa?
3/23/2017 c1 Martyn
*Here is my movie idea I mentioned on YouTube. Is it good enough for you to write?:*
The Voyage: Rise of a Hero
It begins with a prologue; A fiery landscape with people running in sheer terror from a hoard of monsters. A black gargoyle is then seen roaring in the chaos. A man with a red cloak and matching red hat morns the death of an older-looking man. He and the gargoyle angrily stare SWORDS before they charge at each other while unleashing war cries. They cross blades & claws and a blinding red flash appears, followed by the sickening noise of flesh being cut into and an inhumanly roar of agonizing pain.
The story is all about Ragnar, a cowardly-yet-optimistic 13 year old orphan raised by the creatures of the wild as an infant. He lives in a large tree in a forest near the Kingdom of Heavalong and is looking for his purpose in life rather than stealing food from the local markets to survive with Scarf, his pet ferret and best/only friend. He tends to suffer from self-confident issues, has a ravenous appetite and is secretly harbours a massive crush on Princess Janet, the only human who has concern towards him. He's also a fan boy of the Crowned Casters, a quintet of magical warriors who defend Heavalong from evil (Daroach the "Royale Relic", Vivian the "Bewitching Beauty", Twilas the "Wild Tornado", Gregorai the "Sharp Thunder" and Rockwell the "Mountain of Might") and is always dreaming of being a member life them.
His dream now comes a reality when a tournament is being held at the castle to find a sixth member for the Casters, which he & Scarf tried to watch at first with the unsuccessful help of a misaimed catapult that landed them in the centre of this main event and he gets chosen by King Abraham as the (accidental) champion who joins the Casters on the voyage to slay Zayvrok, a villainous gargoyle and the no-nonsense Lord of the Underworld, who wants revenge on Daroach for slicing off his wings and disgracing him in his attempt to make all humans extinct. After a feast in his honour, Ragnar is overjoyed that he finally earned the chance to become a Crowned Caster, even if he starts at the bottom as a rookie...much to the displeasure of Daroach and Rockwell ("I really don't like you").
Meanwhile in the Underworld, Zayvrok and his unholy army of countless, bloodthirsty monsters (Midget spear-wielding goblins made of shrubs (Grublins), acidic zombies that are the lost souls of knights (Zombloods), slobbering dog beasts (Death Hounds), huge leaches with vampire-like tusks and strong legs (Paraleeches), velociraptors with paralyzing scorpion tails (Scoraptors), ghoulish looking bats that serve as mounts (Dreadwings), acrobatic "ninja" crabs with extendable claws (Foot Cutters), parasitic one-eyed cephalopods that wear bones like a suit of armour (Skulldiers) and a wise-cracking anthropomorphic mantis that serves as Zayvrok's number 2 named Menty) must find the blood of the "Halfborn" a being who's born by both human and demon foretold by prophecy, to regain his wings and power before getting his revenge on Daroach, exterminate the human race and dominate the world (after performing a random Villain Song entitled "Under Town"). He believes that demons should live under the sun while humans should be the ones to dwell in the darkness, but his racist hatred against humanity was only fuelled even more when his brother-in-arms ally "betrayed" him by falling in love with a female human and marrying her, forcing the heartless gargoyle to order mass infanticide in their homeland where their child was only a 3-month old baby at the time.
During the journey as the Casters encounter some challenging obstacles and many different creatures along the way that Ragnar easily befriends (like a friendly pyrotechnical dog (Hot Dog), a squabbling two-headed serpent (Brr & Brn), a marching army of prickly-backed ants (Fuzzlants), a Griffin mother (Stormla) widowed by Zayvrok with chicks (Chika, Cheeky and Coco) and many more), Daroach becomes more closer to Ragnar like he was his own son and discovers that HE'S the Halfborn Zayvrok is after; There was a small golden horn underneath his helmet, hidden deep amongst his wild red hair. Worried about Ragnar's mission with the Casters, Janet flees the only home she's ever known to go after them with the help of Rockleon, an albino lion with a crystal mane who discovered Ragnar when he was just a baby in a hollow log and raised him for 13 years.
Menty and a pack of Scoraptors ambush the Casters and easily abduct Scarf & Twilas with their paralyzing venom, prompting Ragnar to blindly go after them, unaware he's being led into the Underworld where Zayvrok is waiting for him. After a dramatic chase, Zayvrok cuts Ragnar's right shoulder, leaving behind a scar, before drinking the enchanted blood from a skull and grows his wings back, gaining a more grotesque appearance in the process. He then mockingly says to Ragnar "Tell Daroach your mother said hello", putting the boy into paralyzed shock. The Casters were too late as the mutated gargoyle leads his army (who absolutely DESPISE humans as much as he does) towards Heavalong, declaring it's now finally time to "Take back what was ours and end my nightmare FOREVER!". Unable to cope with Zayvrok's uprising and his dream crushed after Daroach admits he KNEW he was the Halfborn the whole time and never told him, Ragnar sinks into manic depression before exiling himself away from the Casters and unknowingly comes across his former home, which is now a wasteland after Zayvrok's genocide.
Scarf, Daroach and the Casters find Ragnar and try convincing him to return to the Kingdom and save everyone. When he miserably refuses, Daroach shows him his forgotten memories on how his parents sacrificed their lives saving him when Zayvrok first attacked with the help of a Recovery Orb, ancient relic capable of healing any wound, even scars and forgotten memories, at the cost of it being only used once; His demon father fought valiantly against the gargoyle while his mother hid her son in the log Rockleon soon discovered. We also learn that the man who died in the prologue was Daroach's father after sacrificing his own life to save his son, who slices off Zayvrok's wings in revenge. This renewed Ragnar's faith and courage so much that he subconsciously masters his first spell, Beauteous Wings. Janet and Rockleon then arrive with an army of the many, MANY animals Ragnar lived with and newly encountered with the Casters to rival Zayvrok's, including the griffin family and a kind-hearted Scoraptor Ragnar nicknames "Pinchy", who felt mistreated and bullied by the Underworlders, especially the Alpha of his own pack (who's stinger venom instantly kills the prey).
Rockwell then use his iron-plated hammer and earth-related magic to summon a large wave of stone that sends everyone back to the Kingdom faster, surfboard style. It was a climactic battle but they manage to vanquish the gargoyle and send his leaderless army packing, Ragnar is finally accepted for who he is after showing everyone his horn before getting knighted by King Abraham as "Ragnar The Righteous Light" and an official member of the Crowned Casters, before hugging Daroach, something no-one, other than his father has ever done, who returns with a hug of his own. He even gets his first (accidental) kiss with Janet, much to the hypocritical shock of Snowl (a giant cantankerously disgruntled white owl with a knotted beard) who faints at the sight after giving a lecture about racism to the wildlife. Gregorai then sheds tears of joy, declaring he taught Ragnar everything he knows.
Ragnar then narrates that no matter how different we are, anyone can be anything
P.S, this is how Zayvrok is defeated:
Ragnar launches himself from a catapult (a gag that landed him in the tournament) towards Zayvrok with his Beauteous Wings while Gregorai focuses his aim at a second one and shoots an arrow with Scarf at it. Everything goes slow motion with a heartbeat thumping in the background from Scarf to Zayvrok laughing demonically to Ragnar kicking him in the face (while knocking out his left tusk!), dodging his scythe-like right arm before slicing off his wings to Zayvrok plummeting from the sky as he sees Scarf activating the second catapult which fires a boulder aimed at Zayvrok, who is sent flying from the impact as the speed returns. The Casters then fire a combined spell of light at him, who tries to intercept it with black fire. Risking his life as the gargoyle holds onto his neck, Ragnar throws his sword at the ray that doubles its firepower before it plunges straight through Zayvrok's heart, shattering the boulder between them in the process. The gargoyle helplessly watches his body being absorbed with light and unleashes a monstrous scream before dying with a brilliant explosion. Witnessing their fallen master, all the Underworld Army retreat into the darkness from whence they came. All that was left of him was the tusk Ragnar kicked out. Everything thinks Ragnar died when his helmet was all they could see and mourn his apparent sacrifice, but he managed to survive and haphazardly flutters back down to earth (Only suffering the huge scar on his right shoulder from Zayvrok cutting him for his blood and biting him in the climax when completely drunk with power).
*So, what to you think? Good? I even thought of the cast in case you REALLY love it!:*
Antony Del Rio as Ragnar
Christopher Knights as Scarf
DAN GREEN as Daroach
America Ferrera as Princess Janet
J.K Simmons as King Abraham
Seth Rogen as Gregorai
Rosario Dawson as Twilas
Maya Rudolph as Vivian
Mark Hamill as Rockwell
Liam Neeson as Zayvrok
Gilbert Gottfried as Menty
After the credits role, which feature the Underworlders celebrating Zayvrok's demise, we see a swamp-like area where Menty rises up, heavily wheezing and covered in brown grime. After his breath returns, he looks straight at the camera and asks the au

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