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for The Hardy Boys: Pressure Series (rewritten)

5/30/2017 c12 84Icylightning
Ha ha...magician never reveals his secrets! I loved this line! Joe is very smart boy. I also think it was good decision for the group to stay with Henry. Laura being mother hen is just so adorable.
Eagerly waiting for next chapter as well as sequel! Sorry dear but I too have less knowledge on law so can't be much of help. Maybe you can Google it out. I am sure you will find all the help you need.
Thank you so much for updating! Kudos :-)))
5/30/2017 c12 11LaurieQ
I like pulling in all their friends to help sit with Henry, who definitely doesn't need to be alone. Joe as Houdini made me smile, I suspect there aren't many places that could confine a Hardy.
5/30/2017 c12 14Cherylann Rivers
Congrats on another good chapter. I am enjoying the way that you are starting to develop everyone's personalities and giving them a voice. The section where the kids all shower up to take turns with Henry was touching, as was Joe's sincere desire to help Henry and to have him stay with the family. I'm glad that Fenton is promising to ensure that Henry will find a good home. The Hardy boys are rather idealistic, as Con points out, and that's lovely. It was a nice touch to have Phil share the story about his cousin that will hopefully help Henry, and I think it's sweet that Frank cares so much about Callie that he is willing, finally, to be vulnerable with her, maybe even tell her he loves her if he hasn't done so already. And it's also nice that you showed Joe and Callie as siblings, in a sense.

The only constructive criticism I could give is that, when you're separating sections (like going into a flashback), perhaps consider physically separating it with a break (xxxxxxxx) or putting it in itaclics. The POV also is clearer with breaks. That being said, the chapter was a pleasure to have read, and I am looking forward to the remaining chapters. :)
5/28/2017 c11 11LaurieQ
I feel like this story is really finding it's footing now an the characters including your OC's are becoming alive. Nice job and I'm eager to see where you take this. Laurie
5/24/2017 c11 84Icylightning
Soooo much emotions in this chapter! Henry fearing for Joe's safety and the Hardy's comforting the boys were very well written! U r going fabulous! Do keep writing :-)))
5/24/2017 c11 Guest
This is an awesome story. poor Henry and Joe. hope they find Hayden. please keep going. :))))))
5/22/2017 c11 14Cherylann Rivers
This chapter was worth the wait! It seems as if every chapter gets more detailed and in depth. It's hard to imagine what Henry went through- how awful. Joe and Frank were great with him, and it was good to see Frank being protective of him as he would be with Joe. Frank is certainly the consummate big brother. It was sweet when Frank and Joe broke down with Fenton and Laura. You have Frank spot on here where he tries to hide his emotions. I'm glad Fenton was able to support him. It was also good for Joe to recount everything he knew, as it was a good refresher for the audience as well. Justice is not always just- let's hope it is in this case. Good ending to the chapter. Nice job!
5/9/2017 c10 84Icylightning
I almost missed your update as I didn't get any notification! Glad I checked my profile!
Boy...the tension is so high! I really hate Hayden! The guy seriously needs help! And the last line just raised my heartbeat! This just keeps getting better and better! Going awesome :-)))
5/8/2017 c10 14Cherylann Rivers
This was a great chapter! It was so nice to see how much Joe cared for Henry- little details like the fact that he could not stop pacing really stood out. Good backstory on Henry's mom and the whole issue with his dyslexia. Laura was also so great, the consummate caring mom here. I feel bad for what Henry has been through and he is obviously still terrified, but I'm glad that Joe and Frank and their parents will support him and get the answers they need to protect him further. Your story and writing gets stronger and stronger-
Nicely done!
5/8/2017 c9 Guest
I'm on the edge of my seat reading this story. I've been a Hardy boys reader all my life; your story is in keeping with the essence of classic HB books. I can't wait for the next installment!
5/2/2017 c9 Cherylann Rivers
Really good, thorough chapter. I really liked how Laura wanted to get involved and help- cool idea. Very honest conversation with Joe and Frank, with the points that Joe made being pretty powerful- how can he learn from Frank if Frank hides everything? Very true! And then when Frank said that if he let go, he might not be able to control himself- WAH! That was great. It's so great that Frank trusts Joe's instinct so completely. I hope that Henry is okay!
5/1/2017 c9 84Icylightning
Poor Henry! Hope he makes it! I enjoyed the brother's conversation! And it's definitely good having Joe back! Awesome read :-)))
4/18/2017 c8 Icylightning
Omg! This chapter had soooooo many feelings! Firstly how mad Frank got when he was in the station! It was so protective of Joe! And then the talk between father and son was good read! Lastly...Joe is out? How? I need to know! Please post soon! This excitement is killing me :-)))
4/17/2017 c8 14Cherylann Rivers
Whoa. That's quite the twist at the end! In real life, I am sure Joe couldn't go, but in Hardy land- hey, you never know. I liked that Frank's temperament changed as he is so protective of Joe,but also that the police are on Joe's side too and it is hard for them to do their jobs. However, if they are looking to help Joe, hopefully they can do so. Good chapter! Happy Easter. :)
4/14/2017 c7 Kayleigh
Please please please update soon
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