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for Pressure (rewritten)

4/12/2017 c7 84Icylightning
This is getting very interesting! I love protective Frank and Fenton! Hope after Joe's arrest Henry will come out with the truth! Fabulous work :-)))
4/11/2017 c7 Rose2425
Ohhh my..I cannot believe this is happening, how can you cliff hang like this? On the edge of my seat, literally...keep writing, so good!
4/11/2017 c7 14Cherylann Rivers
Wow. This chapter packed a lot of drama. Good technique to start so light and end on a heavy note. It was cute fir Frank to organize the party for his brother and Tony to work extra shifts. It was also nice how welding everyone was to Henry. I hope he can share his secret with Joe at least. Good thing Callie's mistake ended up being a good time for the brothers to talk- I know she didn't mean to blurt it out. Poor Joe! Of course Con feels awful about this. Hayden will get found out, though- I hope!
4/4/2017 c6 84Icylightning
Very enjoyable chapter! I liked how Callie was able to calm Frank down from his anger. And the fact that Henry feels more comfortable with Joe is also nice. The suspense is good. Hope Henry is able to open up to the brother's soon. Keep writing dear :-)))
4/4/2017 c6 14Cherylann Rivers
Very nice sense of detail in this chapter. You paint the scene well about the boys' separating their identities from their father and needing friends- glad to see there is a loyal crew still there. Callie's common sense and advice to Frank was a nice touch and shows their closeness. I'm glad Henry has both Frank and Joe. It's nice to see them both as honest and trying to do the right thing by each other.
4/3/2017 c5 19HardyGirl17
A rewrite, cool! Can't wait for a sequel! :)
3/28/2017 c5 84Icylightning
Omg! I am so hyped after reading your three chapters! Don't know whether to cheer up Frank or worry for him! And we always say Joe is hot!
Again...u r going fabulous! Can't wait to read nxt chapter :-)))
3/28/2017 c4 Icylightning
Glad Joe has opened up to his father! Hope the truth comes out abt Hayden and he gets punished! Awesome going!
3/28/2017 c3 Icylightning
I loved " the talk " between the two brothers! Also Frank being protective in his own way is sooo sweet read! The last line nailed it " one hardy in trouble is plenty enough"!
Thank you for reminding me tht u have updated! I totally forgot to read these! On to the nxt one :-)))
3/28/2017 c5 14Cherylann Rivers
Wow. Frank unexpectedly has quite the temper here, but it is understandable given what Joe went through. I'm surprised about the brothers' connection- nice twist. I'm also surprised that Hayden would even speak with Frank- especially since he came right out of the bathroom- LOL. That made me laugh for some reason! I like Frank's boldness and willingness to protect his brother no matter what. I hope he can avoid Hayden's threats at this point.
3/25/2017 c4 Cherylann Rivers
This was a very emotional chapter. I'm so glad that Fenton could express his feelings to Joe and it was interesting to get his insights on his family history and showing emotion. It would make sense that Gertrude acts as she does given the history there. I would certainly hope that Frank would be demonstrative with his family, friends, and Callie and know that it's IS okay to cry. It's great that Fenton can be so open with Joe. It's also good that Joe has Fenton's support with the obnoxious headline. Ugh! Stupid media. Fenton should be proud of Joe for his actions. I also liked the line about Joe sending his big brother in his place if he couldn't be around for Henry. Nice job!
3/17/2017 c2 84Icylightning
That's what family is for Joe...they are gonna support you till the end! Loving this so much :-)))
3/17/2017 c1 Icylightning
Oh boy! Joe is always known as hot headed... in this case it just land him in trouble! I am so glad you see you post a new fic! I haven't read this fic before so gonna enjoy it!
3/17/2017 c2 14Cherylann Rivers
Also cool how Fenton believes Joe without question, as does Frank. That's crazy if Hayden attacked Joe- wonder what the reason would be? Love the family loyalty here and the dedication to preserving Joe's name!
3/17/2017 c1 Cherylann Rivers
Yay! I'm excited to see you writing and it's great you're reworking the story. Love that. The opening lines here were great. I don't normally picture Joe in this situation, but you make it seem realistic. I hope Joe does decide to tellFrank, who I love in big brother mode here. It's also good that Joe regrets "going off on him." Good intro!
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