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for The Hardy Boys: Pressure Series (rewritten)

11/26/2017 c26 Robin's Egg
Of course they can't deal without their faithful sidekicks. Love the story.
11/25/2017 c26 Tinee Dancer
Great chapter.
11/25/2017 c26 Whiskey Lullaby 1864
Simply awesome.
11/25/2017 c26 Guest
Awesome story I love this. cant wait to see what happens next. please update soon :)
11/24/2017 c26 FanHB08
OMG! You're writing BOTH? That's REALLY GREAT!

Great chapter!
11/23/2017 c26 14Cherylann Rivers
I’m glad to know that you’ll be writing both stories. It’ll be interesting to see Frank at Princeton and how he will still
be able to look after Joe. It’s nice to see Frank opening up more and I hope he continues to do so with Callie as well, as he will need her support a lot in your upcoming stories.

I’m glad that Frank was open with Joe and that Joe was receptive to his words. They’ve clearly matured and grown closer in this story. Frank’s willingness to admit he may have been wrong and Joe’s willingness to endure even when he is afraid are great examples of growth. Looking forward to the next chapter! Happy Thanksgiving!
11/12/2017 c25 FanHB08
Can't wait for the next chapter!
11/12/2017 c23 FanHB08
Great story!
11/12/2017 c10 FanHB08
Great writing!
11/12/2017 c25 Whiskey Lullaby 1864
10/31/2017 c25 Like
Can't you do both? I guess my votes no longer valid but I would vote for my brother's revenge and then aftermath
10/26/2017 c24 Like it
Is my vote still valid ? I really want both but I vote " my brother's revenge"
10/25/2017 c25 Cherylann Rivers
Excellent chapter. You put a lot of emotion into this one and moved the action along nicely. Poor Joe. He’s dealt with so much trauma that it’s a wonder he can even function at all. It’s admirable that he is willing to defend Henry and give him the benefit of the doubt. At the same time, Frank sees things clearly and is looking out for Joe, and what Joe said and did was not nice, to say the least. Still, Frank always understand and forgives, or he had, thus far. I hope he can talk to Callie at least and let our sone of this tension!

I’m glad the charges were dropped against Joe, but you have managed to make a very interesting case and a lot of questions going forward. It’ll be interesting to see where you take this!
10/22/2017 c24 nobody
Do we really have to make a choice? ?
God I like both and it would n great to have both stories
It's sooooooooooo difficult to make a choice but I vote "aftermath"
10/19/2017 c24 Nameit
Both would be great but I vote " a brother's revenge"
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