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for Pressure (rewritten)

7/5/2017 c18 14Cherylann Rivers
Oh my goodness! What poor Joe had to go through. It oddly reminded me of Room 101 in 1984. Of course he would be in shock. Frank STILL holds it together- I wonder if he will crack, especially since Hayden compared himself to Frank- that's a huge burden and I'm sure he does feel guilty- though he should not! I'm glad that Joe and Frank will be okay, and that Fenton reached them in time. I'd want to kill Hayden, too! And Mrs. Hayden is most certainly not clumsy! Another good chapter with some nice resolution!
7/4/2017 c18 84Icylightning
When Joe went in to heartbeat sky rocketed! But then the way he flew into Frank's arms...awe...soooo sweet reunion! U deserve extra kudoooooos dear! Very well written chapter :-)))
Ps : I too loooved seeing Hayden in the police car!
7/4/2017 c18 Guest
Oh my goodness! This is so intense. Poor Joe I feel bad for him and Frank the doting big brother. Love the way he takes care of Joe. Awesome chapter!
7/3/2017 c17 Icylightning
Omg...that was intense! Frank sacrificing himself for his brother! And Joe being locked up in small room! I am chewing alllll my nails! Damn you Hayden! Hope you will pay for your sins!
Absolutely nerve tickling chapter! Awesome read :-)))
7/3/2017 c17 14Cherylann Rivers
You definitely delivered on the angst here! What I enjoyed more was the relationship with the brothers. I love that Frank was willing to take all of the abuse to Joe and that he tried to reason with Hayden. Frank really is the consummate big brother- yet he still won't cry. That whole idea is fascinating to me and you're doing a nice job threading that idea into the story in multiple chapters. The backstory was sick but interesting. Hayden must hate himself in order to have so much hatred in him for his son and these other kids, Hardys included. Looking forward to what's next!
6/30/2017 c16 84Icylightning
Noooooooooooooo why did you stop? Why? I can't wait for next chapter! Please please post soon :-)))
6/30/2017 c16 14Cherylann Rivers
What a well detailed chapter! :) I was just about to type "Do NOT split up or something bad will happen," and then BAM! Something bad did happen! Oh dear- I hope that Frank is okay! I love how you are making us wait about Frank showing his feelings and why he refuses to open up and cry: first with Callie, then with Joe. I look forward to that conversation with Callie and Joe eventually!

Frank si right that his loyalty is to his other friends first, and that Henry is a victim, but needs close watching. The boys' friends are really nice, good people, and the little detail about Chet and Spiderman was perfect. I do hope that Fenton and the cops can quickly get to Frank and Joe, and that Henry will be protected int he hospital. Looking forward to the upcoming chapters!
6/18/2017 c15 84Icylightning
Yooo hooo partners are baaack! Poor Joe...he's being going through a lot! I loooove protective Frank! Can I hope to see some Joe whump with more protective Frank? Thank you for updating! Going fantastic :-)))
6/18/2017 c15 Guest
Oh wow, poor Joe I feel bad for him. I love how protective Frank is of Joe, and he's willingness to go to jail for Joe. Can't wait to see what happens next! Please update soon!
6/18/2017 c15 14Cherylann Rivers
Good chapter! I like how Frank tells it like it is ans ia so loyal to Joe that he follows him from the police station and is willing to get in trouble for him and end up in jail. Con is really an exceptional person. He looks out for the boys and knows that they're still kids. In a sense, he puts his own job on the line for them. I also enjoyed the training as to why the brothers became detectives-very appropriate.
I hope that the brothers can confide in their friends and girlfriends and family as well. They look like they'll need support!
6/17/2017 c14 Guest
This is an awesome story, please update soon! Please!
6/11/2017 c14 84Icylightning
No no no no...Just when things were going to be okay it went downhill! Tell me they are gonna be able to catch Hayden! He deserves to rot in jail!
Thank you for updating. Waiting for next chapter:-)))
6/11/2017 c14 Guest
Wow this is really good. Love Fenton reaction in this, he has every right to be angry. And poor Joe he cares so much for his friend. Knowing the Hardy Boys they'll get justice for Henry. Please update soon!
6/9/2017 c14 14Cherylann Rivers
Awww. Thanks for the nice note at the beginning. This is another good chapter- a lot of action. You took a chance in showing that Fenton with a bad temper, but it worked- because it was justified about a serious topic. The Chief is proving effective in his job. That was a bombshell about the ten kid prior to Joe reporting the abuse. Certainly, that would look good for Joe's case. I have a feeling that the Hardys won't give up and that Joe will be the catalyst for finding Hayden somehow. Nice job!
6/6/2017 c13 Cherylann Rivers
Great job on this chapter. Your description is getting more and more detailed and you're showing the boys' relationship very well. I love how honest and supportive they are of each other. It'll be interesting to find out about Hayden! I also look forward to Frank sharing his feelings more with Callie and those around him as a result of having gone through this experience with Joe. Nice job!
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