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for High School DxD: The Runaway Gremory (Discontinued)

1/16 c19 3ZephyrosGod-Of-Wind
I'm a little confused and a little irritated, if Azazel, the leader of Grigori has 12,000 power, practically twice as much as the protagonist and vali has (Which, as it was said in the story, are in the Ultimate class), I thought that the power levels would vary around there, that maybe the 10 strongest beings had 15,000 ~ 30,000 or something, then you come and write that Amaterasu is almost 100 times stronger than Azazel, why? even Yasaka is much stronger than he is in this fic, so what, in this fic, is the faction of the fallen Angels so much weaker than the others? if Amaterasu is part of the 10 strongest beings then Sirzechs (who as far as I know is also one of the 10 strongest beings along with Ajuka) will be as strong as she? more than 100 times stronger than Azazel? if so, there would be no more fallen angels, it would be better not even to have added this numbering of the power levels, another thing that does not make sense is the elders of Kyoto being able to choose who or even if Amaterasu and Yasaka will marry.
10/31/2020 c10 Guest
Pawn 2: the only red haired badass I really know is Erza
Pawn 3: easy Revy
Pawn 4: unsure
Pawn 6: not sure
Pawn 7: Kaneki
Pawn 8: Touka
5/12/2020 c55 SlouchyWall8380
Just recently read this fanfiction, I must this is the best one I have EVER read-this is not an understatement- but it is a shame to see it not be continued. However, life is life.

Thanks for taking the time to write this amazing fic.
3/24/2020 c25 Hxxdiekid
Ugh, being submissive really makes me feel weird. Not in a good way either.
3/24/2020 c11 Hxxdiekid
I certainly don’t like that our peerage members are gonna be half dragons as well.
3/24/2020 c9 Hxxdiekid
I love myself
3/23/2020 c6 Hxxdiekid
Kenji legit just pissed me tf off when he denied Valian’s offer to see more of her body. GOD, I HATE MYSELF.
3/23/2020 c1 RainIce
Why does the Stuck-up piece of shit protagonist fanfics exist.
Everyone is doing me wrong mentality is infuriating, also the pointless curses because he can't talk like a decent person
And you fail to provide even one reason to justify that attitude, wow an arranged marriage that's how noble families work and a fucking slap is enough to make him worse
Come on, he deserves more, if you know that you're infuriating then you need to accept the consequences
Ok, rant over, sooo the thing is
Stuck up OC that treats everyone of it's family like shit, at least the author appears to know this
3/18/2020 c1 DR.Z0IDBERG
I read all the way up to when the twist of having ophis as a parent happened then stoped because of that. everything up to that chapter was great gold awesomeness.
3/17/2020 c1 2Janek Gra
This story is NOT shit.
Plus, you could leave the summary, you know?
2/29/2020 c8 Diobrando44
Sex maniac...
2/12/2020 c35 1GrumpyOnue
I never read this level good lemons even original LN's

Also fanfic is not a piece of shit, okey maybe İts not developed the way you want or you made some mistakes ( i dont see any of these by far) but that fanfic is a good work
1/17/2020 c35 igotnoskil
Honestly, Kuroka says nya way too much in this. Like way too much. Like maybe say it a couple of times when it would fit better, but not literally after every damn sentence.
1/12/2020 c30 igotnoskil
Whenever this guy says any percentage of there being a lemon, that means there will 100% be a lemon in the next chapter lol. Or that’s what I’ve gathered from reading this.
1/11/2020 c23 igotnoskil
Aight, I’m just saying if Shitzecs is worried about Rias against an eight wing, we don’t need to worry about any of her peerage beating Kenji. So any advances she makes will easily be avoided by Kenji. Hopefully.
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