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for Bonnie and Damon

2/1 c2 Crxynit
haha I was reading chapter 2 when I realized you weren't talking about my baby Bonnie Bennett, the beautiful girl with tan skin and brown hair, dark brown idk haha I'm leaving early then. :) The funniest thing was when they ask the Ms. Flowers: why? and she just says to have sex with soulmate, it's wtf hahaha and I'm getting the idea of okay it's possible because Bonnie is a fucking Bennett, one of the most powerful witches and nothing that shes was the girl one in the books lol
4/22/2017 c7 mikjenl08
Cute story. I'm a Bonnie Bennett fan girl, but cute story anyway!
3/31/2017 c1 BlueChappy
this is cute. please update soon!

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