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for Konoha's New Education System

3/22/2021 c1 5RFDN
Honestly, this idea wouldn't work.

1. Too much is being attempted to be standardized which actually harms the development of the forces.

2. The academy is basically being created to be a quick rush to get students to the basic levels needed to fulfill common positions in the "army". They don't need to have a well rounded skill set for most missions C rank or lower which is the majority of missions a village would have. We honestly never see a mission under B rank in the series.

3. Honestly time is just being wasted in the development of the characters. 16 year olds with no experience, basic conditioning and only meeting bare minimum standards honestly weakens the forces.

The easier way to fix things is to have A similar system to what they do but have various obstical courses, and workshops avalible to those who pass the academy either on a temp team or as part of the genin pool. have Teams only be around for a year giving crash courses on things that need to be experienced such as first kills, basic mussion experience on common C ranks, where tools to further your development are. The team leaders main job is to keep them alive long enough to understand how to apply the basics they learned and give initial guidence. With the year of experience and knowledge of where to get additional skill, basically certificate classes, they would then enter a phase where they are developing to reach expected skills for Chunnin. Physical standards can be put into place like being able to do tree walking for an hour straight up and down a tree to set unit's normal speeds. The individual development should be quantified on a regular basis so mission teams optimized.
2/22/2019 c1 Let's see
Hmm. Raising the graduation age is fine but you got to consider that most ninja don't live to retire and perform a civy job. Thus I think that the education should be streamlined towards honing them to the best of their capabilities to increase their chances of survival.

Even in our own reality, most of what we learn in school is not applicable to our daily lives. Scientists are pretty much the only ones who make a larger use of what we learn in school. I mean even when I build stuff, whether digital designs or objects and mechanisms from wood and steel, I don't have use for things like
pythagoras. The reason is simple. Material is always supplied in specific formats influenced by storage and logistics. That means you always have access material and pythagoras is not required for building stuff in daily life. Yet we all learn it in school. Though in reality, unless you intend to become something rather advanced, you have no use for the majority of school subjects. Meaning that the avarage 14 year old will have learned enough to get by in life.

So what is there that kids could learn? Specifically ninja kids? Besides math, writing and languages its mostly practical skills in the naruto verse. After all the only advanced thing in the series is a car during the wave debacle.

So what would really help these kids? I think first aid, advanced chakra control, a weapons elective and more supplementary jutsu such as hiding in the mist or hiding in the surface as well as sensory jutsu and training in their applications are more logical than more civilian schooling. Raising graduation ages is fine but it is pointless in the naruto verse if it's for civilian purposes with ninja on a shinobi track. It is better used to hone their ninja skills and to help them grow a wider skillet along with a specialisation in their strongest fields.
1/11/2019 c1 hayatin
Very interesting! I'd also like to see your take on what an education system for those who chose to stay in the civilian academy looks like! Would it model a normal Japanese system of a more western one?
8/23/2018 c1 Ironc
Sehr gute Idee, danke für das Teilen mit uns.
5/5/2017 c1 1Howl's Curse
I like the idea. It's very intricate, and I like the idea. It's a good way of fixing up the generic crappy shinobi academy stories. The only question I really have is, would the story be base more around what happens in the academy or would the real plot pick up outside the academy? Also, would that mean that the rest of the Konoha shinobi are super kick ass or are they still gunna be as strong as in canon?
3/20/2017 c1 LetsSeeIfICanDoThisToo
I think you made the whole system more bias against civilian born kids. You forget the clan kids start their training as soon as they can walk, what ho created us a system that incrases the gao bij several years more, prevents growing kids fron growing their bodies into their respective forms and just hinders overall progression of both civilian and clan kids alike

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