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for some good shett

11/1/2017 c6 144WargishBoromirFan
Yes. Especially the non-story chapters.
4/20/2017 c1 37EvaUnit15
I like how the character ends up being sent to a different world while doing something important and meeting the inhabitants and ends up working and living with them.
4/10/2017 c4 24ZadArchie
This story, or at least significant chunks of it, is written in chat/script format, which is not permitted on this site per the Terms of Service we all agreed to when we signed up for accounts. You have proven, for some parts of this story, that you understand and can write decently in prose. I would suggest writing the entire thing in standard prose with proper dialogue tags. However, there are other sites out there that do accept chat/script format, including, but not limited to AO3, Quotev, and Wattpad. Take these suggestions into consideration as they will help you avoid ToS issues in the future.

Critics United
4/6/2017 c2 144WargishBoromirFan
Script format is against FFn's rules. Are verbs really that difficult?
3/20/2017 c1 Guest
Capitalize names, Capitalize first letter of sentences, use 's and it would be better, also don't say numbers as "1" "2" or so forth. Say One, Two. as it's spelled.

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