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for The Conquest of Westeros

11/22 c11 Controversial-at-best
Glad to see that you've been very very busy, or have simply forgotten. I look forward to the next installment about 5 years out, but please take your time.

As wishful thinking as it might be, please do come back with another chapter as is.
11/13 c11 Imperial Fisting
Please update the story or atleast post an author's note about the status of it.
8/19 c11 2merendinoemiliano
Pretty badass, can't wait to see who else will join Franz.
7/10 c11 2StormWolf16
I wish you continued this because it's the only well written Warhammer x ASOIAF crossovers.
6/24 c11 SSPompWagen
Fantastic! Thank you!
6/16 c11 Jayhawks
awesome story, I hope you continue it one day. I wonder if the karaz ankor will show up, maybe one their steamships that appear on the horizon. will you turn the land the empire settled into something similar to the cities of sigmar from Aos. also, are the swords of Ulric and knights of the white wolf there? it would seem that they would be the most appealing to the free folk given their culture and attitudes, if Moritz Valgeir is there he can teach them strictures of ulric, given that he's part of the Fellwolf Brotherhood. I agree that while the empire has many advantages over westeros concerning magic and technology, they are too outnumbered by the south, and would eventually get crushed. will the wilding defectors get trained by the veterans into state troops since they are "constituents" of the empire now? will other tribes and giants go to the empire given that they will likely win over mance?
thank you for your time and have a good day!
4/19 c11 Harry Esma
Are you still going to finish this story? I can't wait for the next part.
4/11 c1 Guest
FOR SIGMAAAR Bloody enjoyable
2/6 c1 Forromir
Holy shit that was amazing.
11/18/2020 c11 daow2
Very good , amazing even!

While the first few chapters struggled to catch me and then i kind of felt like the story focused far too much on personal dueling and Karl Franz showing off. Personally i always felt that his strengths lay as a statesman and politician and less as a tactician and warrior. Regardless these last few chapters have been utterly fantastic and i feel like the story is greatly picking up in quality.

I'm also extremely happy to see our "Ubersreik 5" all made it here. It brought me an immense amount of joy that even after all these years and god-knows how much hardship Bardin managed to bring a small smile out from Saltzpyre.

I'd love nothing more than to see them all in action working together again, do the impossible things that our meme squad is only capable of together.
8/9/2020 c11 6MintIsMeth
I certainly look forward to a continuation!
6/11/2020 c11 1Jctherebel
Good story
6/3/2020 c11 Ultor73
I humbly request that this story is continued soon Mein Kaiser!
5/22/2020 c9 Guest
You seem way too harsh on yourself. You said your pacing was bad previously, which I disagree with since I'm quite enjoying this part of the story and don't mind that it is taking some time to go south of the Wall. It's a shame you don't seem to be updating these days because I quite like your writing and your grasp on the lore. The fact I've been playing a ton of Vermintide and TW: Warhammer lately makes all the references that much more pleasing.
5/10/2020 c2 4Hassarn
Hey Georgiy how’s it going? Is the author still writing the story and if so where can I find it? Also any plans to upload some more? Hope to hear from you. Cheers
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