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for The Flame Dragon God Slayer

5/5/2019 c7 6NaxCa
Can't wait for the next chapter.
9/26/2018 c1 Guest
Grey And Natsu
7/4/2018 c5 Guest
There is supposed to be five people in the team... not three. Your pacing is terrible, as is the time skips. I mean, there is no actual plot, it's just Fairy tail with SLIGHT editions. Boo.
3/11/2018 c1 4NatsuHeartfilia0628
Bull crap! NaLu!
2/15/2018 c1 Natsu
I like Erza, Wendy, and Sayla!
11/22/2017 c7 10KnightMadDragon
Why doesn't Jura not recognize Natsu?
8/22/2017 c1 28Draco711
Amazing, please continue. As for the pairing, let it be NatsuxErza.
8/2/2017 c7 Meazm
Good story!
4/22/2017 c1 19Earth Dragon Arnighte
Hey, I did something like this... but it had the opposite effect.
4/19/2017 c6 6Lightningblade49
This is way to fast these sudden jumps in time.
4/2/2017 c7 BlackDragonShinigami
Awesome story. Please update
4/2/2017 c7 2Barbatos rex
great chapter
4/2/2017 c7 Lazymanjones96
Interesting story
4/2/2017 c7 Guest
What about his lightning dragon slayer magic tho ?
Pls update soon
4/2/2017 c7 Jerrend
I loved the chapter and all the new moves were really cool! Keep up the work!
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