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for Ashes of the Remnant Flame

5/24 c3 JadeRovks
Wait a minute. Where is kurosaki here?
5/24 c3 JadeRovks
I like this Natsu. Tutelage by Yamajii is part of being why he's matured, hothead is still there but good. Keep it up
3/29/2019 c1 swagerness
can I borrow your idea for a new fic?
1/9/2019 c3 arinst2305
4/12/2018 c1 Guest
Do you really have to compare Natal to Ichigo every time? It's getting annoying.
10/2/2017 c1 1Canada and Kumajiro
please update
9/5/2017 c3 swagerness
no way hozay(Jose pronounced in Spanish) lol
7/15/2017 c3 Arthanos
This Fic is awesome. Please update soon
4/16/2017 c3 LoneWolfsRage
Please continue
4/12/2017 c3 treyalexander63917
Four questions:
Yamamoto meet Igneel's spirt inside Natsu?
Natsu still unlock Dragon Force and get his Lightning Flame Dragon Mode?
how Natsu ate Zancrows God Slayer Flames on Tenrou Island? Could Yamamoto figure out a way that Natsu could use those flames permanantly?
, do you think Canon Natsu after his One year of training and with Fire Dragon King Mode could be a challenge to Yamamoto?
4/8/2017 c3 jcampbellohten
Yeeeaaah, no. Natsu instantly being good at everything in Bleach (hell, why is Yamamoto even teaching him shinigami stuff?) is a deal-breaker, especially with the mechanics problems on top of it. Sorry, but I'm out.
4/8/2017 c2 jcampbellohten
The dialogue looks like you just spat out all the inormation you wanted to cover and didn't bother to break it up into normal sentences or make it sound natural. I don't like that Natsu's getting a zanpakutou; I think it's bullsh!t. If the next chapter has him learn Ryujin Jakka's name and release its shikai, I'm out.
4/8/2017 c1 jcampbellohten
From the description and from Ryujin Jakka's explanation of what would happen to them, I thought Yamamoto would be a fire mage in his own right and mentor Natsu. The way it is disappoints me because the way I was looking forward to didn't happen, but now I'm looking forward to seeing Yamamoto and Igneel interact. Then, what about the dragon and demon seeds inside Natsu? I hope Natsu doesn't get a physical zanpakutou and start using it like Yamamoto would. I'd rather he just use his fire like always to do Yamamoto's/Ryujin Jakka's attacks, if he does them at all. As for writing mechanics, there are a bunch of times where there should be a period but there's a comma, instead.
3/31/2017 c3 arinasution5
3/31/2017 c3 Guest
excellent story, keep up the good work.
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