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12/23/2023 c102 oldkerosen
I would like to see a sequel to this chapter where also Paul Atreides makes annappearance.
12/22/2023 c64 Eldersprig
13 planets
8 5 dwarf planets
10/26/2023 c107 1setokayba2n
Albus say "Snape have my confidence, let's give Slytherin 300 points and take Gryffindor another 500, then during the end of the year we will give Gryffindor 9000 points"
9/29/2023 c48 18ramasioti100
Hopefully you can continue this.
9/29/2023 c18 ramasioti100
Awesome chapter, You should follow this one with Fleur trying to lue Harry into Beauxbatons
8/27/2023 c218 SMB
Lucius would have died from basilisk poisoning.
8/27/2023 c208 SMB
You copied that entire scene that wasted all of our time and only added a single sentence at the end that was different. What a f**king waste.
8/27/2023 c201 SMB
The chapter had nothing to do with the title.
8/27/2023 c195 SMB
Harry met Susan Bones first and NOTHING happened? He still went to Griffindor and is friends with the traitor trash compactor? Ha ha ha ha ha! The stupid Lone Traveler f**ked up!
8/26/2023 c189 SMB
That didn't make any sense and nothing was explained.
8/26/2023 c188 SMB
You missed mentioning Susan. He was kissing Ginny and also breaking Susan's hip? How the f**k did that happen?
8/26/2023 c123 SMB
Yeah, nothing. Nothing ever happens when you go to a teacher. It changes nothing.
8/26/2023 c98 SMB
That ending was really weird.
8/26/2023 c54 SMB
He really did kill himself and it wasn't a ruse or a prank? I thought the head was fake.
8/26/2023 c7 SMB
Not signing your name to a test doesn't work if you're the only one in the class that didn't sign it.
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