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3/24 c200 roxannemorgan
Re #199, two things on the Britpick front. Whereas you might see police with guns in some high profile situations, those are quite restricted, and (as you might say) very strictly policed. They're not going to turn out for a possible murder in Little Whinging when few if any people there will have guns, and there's been no alarm called in for any suspected weapon.

(It's perfectly possible to have guns in the UK, you just need a work reason. Farmers will have shotguns, etc.)

If you want to see just how fast an armed response unit can get to a place, google "London Bridge" and "Narwhal Horn". ;-)

I'm also doubtful about the bullhorn. That might get used in hostage situations, but, again, not on Privet Drive.

British policing is based on the principle of "policing by consent", i.e., consent of the general public. The first things police officers do on a scene is calm things down. From what I've seen on police bodycams, there is a different principle in the USA.

I believe the law would wander into Grunnings, have the traditional "quiet word" with Mr Dursley, and walk out with him, for him to open the boot of his car. Vernon can be restrained by any officer if he reacts badly. Then the car boot gets opened, not before.

Because otherwise how would the police prove they didn't plant any evidence?

The other main point is that this is the early 1990s. Terrorist alerts happen, but this is before 9/11. Yes, I know, another world!

I haven't worked in the police, but I seem to have quite a number of friends in the emergency services and the military (and farming, if it comes to that), and I used to shoot pistol at Bisley. You probably won't remember, but the two main forms of legal restriction on weapons in the UK, post WW2, each followed some moron killing a large number of people. (Hungerford, automatic weapons; Dunblaine, pistols.) Personally, I didn't agree either time, but democracy has spoken . . . I have NO IDEA where Vernon got his shotgun in '...Philosophers Stone'! Maybe he knows local farmers. (eyeroll)

Anyone who is a Brit is going to see an American police situation in #199, I think.
3/24 c124 roxannemorgan
Enjoying these lots! One minor point, though, which I expect everybody from the UK has mentioned, but just in case not . . . In "Dudley's Tail", he'd be treated by the NHS, and that's free at the point of access. Everybody pays a few hundred pounds a year via their taxes. There wouldn't be any arguments about treatment, and no input from bureaucrats; just a meeting between the Dursleys and their General Practitioner, and then forwarding on to a Consultant for surgery.

(Possibly Vernon might go for private medicine - BUPA, just for the boast factor - but I doubt it.)

No, the problem would be EXPLAINING the pig's tail.

It's true the caudal vertebrae can be extended when a child is born, giving it a small "tail". That would be fixed at birth. Letting it go until the child is 11? That's going to have the children's protection people on the Dursley doorstep.

I'd be interested to see a HDD that shows Dudley quite in favour of his tail (he's 11!), and the Dursleys bribing him to have it removed - and how long it takes the Wizarding World to hear about it and step forward with obliviates . . .
12/23/2023 c102 oldkerosen
I would like to see a sequel to this chapter where also Paul Atreides makes annappearance.
12/22/2023 c64 Eldersprig
13 planets
8 5 dwarf planets
10/26/2023 c107 1setokayba2n
Albus say "Snape have my confidence, let's give Slytherin 300 points and take Gryffindor another 500, then during the end of the year we will give Gryffindor 9000 points"
9/29/2023 c48 18ramasioti100
Hopefully you can continue this.
9/29/2023 c18 ramasioti100
Awesome chapter, You should follow this one with Fleur trying to lue Harry into Beauxbatons
8/27/2023 c218 SMB
Lucius would have died from basilisk poisoning.
8/27/2023 c208 SMB
You copied that entire scene that wasted all of our time and only added a single sentence at the end that was different. What a f**king waste.
8/27/2023 c201 SMB
The chapter had nothing to do with the title.
8/27/2023 c195 SMB
Harry met Susan Bones first and NOTHING happened? He still went to Griffindor and is friends with the traitor trash compactor? Ha ha ha ha ha! The stupid Lone Traveler f**ked up!
8/26/2023 c189 SMB
That didn't make any sense and nothing was explained.
8/26/2023 c188 SMB
You missed mentioning Susan. He was kissing Ginny and also breaking Susan's hip? How the f**k did that happen?
8/26/2023 c123 SMB
Yeah, nothing. Nothing ever happens when you go to a teacher. It changes nothing.
8/26/2023 c98 SMB
That ending was really weird.
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