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12/15/2020 c242 Kai
I was. Despite the fact that in about a hundred of the previous chapters you got Ginevra's name right. It just jumps into the eye!
12/15/2020 c241 Kai
Nononono, Harry. Dumbledore is of course Divination Master. Obviously his interpretation is the only one thinkable at all. Under no circumstances whatsoever is even a single word differently to interpret. It is just as much Divine Insight as Trelawney received to GIVE the prophecy. And Dumbledore is the Great Grand Supreme God-Emperor of the Universe. Even if the fates have wanted to hint at something else, the Great Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore changes reality at will. Oh, oops, the last point describes magic, so it's not even wrong...
12/15/2020 c220 Kai
*lol* "[...] the headlights twinkled." Nooo! Kill it! Destroy that car! It's possessed by the spirit of Albus Dumbledore!
12/15/2020 c218 Kai
The sword was doused in basilisk venom. Malfoy wouldn't have survived the cut in his side.
12/15/2020 c213 Kai
Sometimes I think those magicals are all gaga. 20 points for vulgar language? That's only a little more vulgar than what I brought home from kindergarten when I was little. "Shit" was definitely game, "clusterfuck" admittedly a bit much for a five year old. That was in elementary school. And it wasn't seedy lowest-class schools either.
12/15/2020 c209 Kai
The portkey they use is some random trash a muggle wouldn't touch because they were placed in the open where a muggle COULD have touched it. I personally like the version of "Harry Potter And The Summer Of Change" by lorddwar. They use portkey rings. Only for one person or, if they don't have a problem with holding hands, two. You can't lose it, nobody else can get at it, it's reusable, it's inconspicuous, always available within reach of your wand... And it doesn't stink.
12/15/2020 c207 Kai
Huh? Would anyone notice that Dudley lost his soul? Just sit him in front of a telly and give him something to eat. Muscle memory will sustain the body and the facial expression is the same as usual.

12/15/2020 c205 Kai
Dumbledore is an idiot. The Sword of Gryffindor has been doused in basilisk venom. He himself said that it has taken the venom into itself. Even just conjuring a blade would've been better if no other was available. In a castle full of medieval armour.

And then he left Harry to vanish EVERY piece of evidence of what happened. And yet, I'm sure he will be mightily pissed off when he comes back after his nap and all the headmaster portraits who witnessed the event are gone. Unless he sees the chance of being the only headmaster to manipulate, er..., influence, er..., guide the next headmaster.
12/15/2020 c204 Kai
AFAIR, three people knew the real name of Voldemort in the books. The only pertinent information Ollivander had was the composition of Riddle's wand. There was no reason for him to tell.

But the other two held back information that, leaked at the right time, or shared with the right people could've save thousands of lives. What right has the headmaster of a school to sit on EVERY piece of information he has about an insane megalomaniacal terrorist for decades? Instead of informing the DMLE, BEFORE Riddle had the ability to infiltrate them, or the DOM.

Being beaten up a bit is the least Slugslime deserved.
12/15/2020 c203 Kai
"por favor"? Why would Fleur speak Spanish? She's French. "Please" is "s'il vous plait".
12/15/2020 c202 Kai
Harry can turn into an emu? He can be glad that he was in Canada. An Australian politician most probably would've lost their cool. Considering that Australia fought a war against emus and lost...
12/15/2020 c196 Kai
Bury Umbridge? I hope they decapitate the cadaver beforehand. That way if she DOES fake she doesn't get out.
12/15/2020 c192 Kai
Well, Molly can take Arthur's coercion and stick it up his bum. And go to Azkaban, or pay a fine they can't afford. OTOH, for Harry there's no official complaint and Hermione is just a mudblood while Molly is a pureblood. Perhaps a lawsuit will never see the light of day.
12/14/2020 c184 Kai
Well, why not? Harry is fifteen months old. Around a year is normal for a child to start walking. But even before that they can crawl into the street. And Dumbledore didn't even cast a sleeping spell to make sure Harry would be there to be found in the morning.

It's a clich├ęd transfer of child custody, and appropriate for a children's book. For the adults reading the book again after more of them came out, not so much.
12/14/2020 c171 Kai
Okay, the story isn't bad. But "Evan Jameson"? You seemed to adopt the name from your inspiration, but honestly. Why not "Parry-Hotter-who's-definitely-not-the-boy-who-lived-and-a-completely-unrelated-person"? Would deceive the small people just as much.
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