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4/10/2022 c199 4starie78
Great chapter but for reference in Britain the police number is 999 not 911.
4/9/2022 c129 121Kimberly T
Okay, really, I have to point out: how could Hagrid violate in 1991, an Act that didn't come into effect until 1992? The whole case should have been thrown out at the start.
4/9/2022 c131 4starie78
I think this has a lot of potential for a longer story.
3/28/2022 c250 232Andrew Joshua Talon
I do have a few suggestions:

-Bellatrix tries to pull a "Lily Survived" by transforming into a copy of Lily and uses her diaries and some memories to complete the transformation... Trouble is, now she really believes she is Lily Potter.

-Harry applies to be the DADA teacher for a year.

-One of Harry's friends is actually a deep cover Unspeakable operative who protects him from the shadows-But who?
3/4/2022 c250 K
A brilliant series of one-offs. Quite a few deserve expanding or incorporating into full stories if you ever have the time.
3/3/2022 c188 K
‘Eluded’? ‘Alluded’ for goodness sake!
3/2/2022 c135 K
That was really good!
3/2/2022 c115 K
True - the chapter heading that is!
3/2/2022 c103 K
3/1/2022 c88 K
3/1/2022 c87 K
You’ve been watching Monty Python!
3/1/2022 c86 K
Very good!
3/1/2022 c85 K
2/6/2022 c128 Spidersauce
As fucked up as the magical world is . . . I refuse to believe they retroactively apply laws. Those like Malfoy would never stand for it. If what Hagrid had done was illegal at the time that's one thing, but if Hagrid's action only became illegal over a year later? Then it isn't until he repeats that action that he broke a law. Illegal wand being a separate matter of course.
Enjoying these one-shots so far, thanks for writing them~
2/2/2022 c233 ToddGilliss
Snake's own poison usually doesn't kill it
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