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2/2/2022 c218 ToddGilliss
Life debt?
1/30/2022 c168 Kai
That stupid plan has got to be the stupidest plan in the history of Magical Britain's stupid plans. There are quite a few stories out there where someone switches their brain on and derails that seven Potters idea. Another favourite are the Snatcher teams and the taboo. In both cases the good guys know when and where the bad guys pop up. Other stories emphasise a safe egress but an ambush is the most logical idea if your enemy is nice enough to be predictable.
1/30/2022 c124 Kai
Huh? How is there six of them? In canon Fred dies, and you call George the surviving twin, so that's part of this as well. That means only five are left. Or not? *scratch head*
1/29/2022 c75 Kai
Shouldn't Snape have died instantly when Draco fell because of his vow? After all, he did not help Draco fulfil his orders.
1/21/2022 c249 Marcus Kyle

In many others chapters you made the same mistake, it become ludicrous.
1/21/2022 c205 Marcus Kyle
The only question is:
Did the sword absorb the Basilisk venom or not ?
1/15/2022 c250 the scorpion commander
12/15/2021 c6 Slytherin Potter
Hmm Albus? Lol this is gold
11/27/2021 c211 BadAZKenB
Would love to see the headmaster's face if, when he said "young Harry" and the response was "old Albus"
11/26/2021 c103 BadAZKenB
Ha! Take that Gin-gin.
Never cared for that character anyway.
Now Harry can look at other possibilities for a wife.
11/26/2021 c95 BadAZKenB
About time mini whale and his fiend buddies get some pain of their own.
11/26/2021 c161 Kai
Well, business as usual, Dumbledore always defends the attacker at Hogwarts, why should he act differently during the holidays?
11/26/2021 c157 Kai
Yes, but Hogwarts the finest magical school in Britain? Barely conceivable. It either IS the only one, or the others are even worse, which is truly a horrible prospect. There's almost no objective feature that could be accepted in the real world. From the facilities and the lack of subjects to the pathetic level of teacher qualification, both in their subjects and in teaching. AND in their personalities and criminal behaviour. And there must be over a hundred of these one-shots up to now where the discipline system is proven worthless. And other schools even worse? *shudder* Or, of course, the staff are just lying bitches...
11/25/2021 c149 Kai
Wait a minute. That happened before old man Malfoy could slip the book into Ginny's stuff. So he got arrested with a horcrux in his pocket. That looks to be promising. He either goes to Azkaban or paupers himself to get out of it, those bribes must be astronomical.
11/25/2021 c144 Kai
"Only following orders"? Didn't work in Nuremberg, why should it work here? Especially as it weren't the orders of the Head of House, who is the one he should've obeyed.
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