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for Harry Potter and The Shadowed Light

1h c25 Skellefte
please update we need more
11/29 c46 indie0209
update please asap
11/17 c46 monteropinap
Porfa actualiza pronto, plis.
Me encanta tu historia
10/6 c1 dayjavu2000
Does this mean this is a gay!Harry?
9/6 c46 ankoku696
I can't wait for the next chapter to be available. Will they find the leech will Milly loose her magic and become a squib? What happens to Ron and what about the other Weasley men? Will Fred and George still open their joke shop?
9/2 c46 buttons1721
I'm so looking forward to more of this story! Excited to see where you go with it...or if we are closing in on tht end?! :o

So we'll written! ️
9/2 c46 paulieandgilbert
Holy Hannah! This is beyond exceptional. I'm not usually one for pro-dark stories, but this one is metaphorically blowing my mind! And so well constructed too. Utterly fabulous.
I will happily wait for further chapters, it will be so worth it, l'm sure. Thank you so much for allowing us to traipse through your amazing imagination. I've got to say, I love it here! bravo!
8/31 c27 paulieandgilbert
You know,... one would think that the average person would be highly disturbed to discover how much Aithusia enjoys peacock. I should be,... but I'm not!
8/11 c1 Zury
️Really LOVE IT! I can't wait for the next chapter!
7/20 c46 Guest
7/19 c21 Guest
Well written and excellent
7/18 c2 Guest
7/14 c46 hourhercrevan
I need more my friend! Please please please!
6/16 c5 AndySnapeS21
I don't know they need name tags I see no reason for from All the teachers have they names on a lit
6/16 c4 AndySnapeS21
I know that in this story it doesn't say if Lupin is dead before Harry goes back in time the only thing I'm asking is Harry used the map but if Lupin is a dead the last of the magic would have died with lupin after the fighting
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