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for Harry Potter and The Shadowed Light

21h c23 SlytherPuff Scorpio
There's only 1 problem, Ginny. You are not a boy. Hehe!
5/4 c40 indie0209
love this book n can't wait for the next update
5/4 c40 indie0209
update soon love this story can't wait to see what happens next
5/4 c40 anfarvic
marico, esta muy buena la historia, y eso que es yaoi y soy hetero imaginate lo enganchado que me tiene este fanfic
5/1 c40 GatorLHA2
Please continue, this is a great story
5/1 c40 Pennieyoung
Great chapter, it is getting tense :)
5/1 c1 bkjar
Update please!
4/30 c1 AndySnapeS21
please update so far this is my favorite Harry Potter fanfic
4/29 c40 16Coolfire30
If I could physically verbalize how much I love and adore and obsess and dream of this story...I would, I definitely would.

This fic is such a gift! Wonderous gift to the world! ugh!
4/29 c40 kirsty21
cool update soon please and thank you
4/28 c40 8erikablair
Loving the update, can't wait for the next one
4/27 c6 16Coolfire30
Not even a year and already I'm back!

I so dearly love your analogies! Neville learning roar early! I mean! ugh! my heart!
4/26 c40 7V. L. Crawford
Thanks for the update. It was great. The last bit about the elves was funny. It does show that He really cares for Harry.
4/24 c1 Solavah
I read the story in one go as far as published, and I think the animagus thing has not come up again yet. Is Harrys core good enough to try now?
And the second thing is that I hope that Marvolo will get a bit more... substancial in the following chapters. He acts like a frame of himself, and I hope very much he will get better aquainted with his emotions soon, and will show more, because he is very distanced right now and doesnt feel as... real, yet, as the other chars are.
4/25 c40 Wolvie26
Damn! I was looking forward to finding out why Luna needs Harry's hair! Can't wait to see what happens next! Hope you update soon!
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