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for Harry Potter and The Shadowed Light

5/12 c44 6Inu-bitch
This is a great story are you going to be able to finish it? I am loving the new darker side of Harry Potter. I really enjoy reading dark Harry fics.
4/24 c44 Sapphire Simmons
when is the next chapters coming out
4/21 c44 gemini shawty
oh my god
4/17 c44 Dudley D Dudley
Love this story PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE continue it.
4/19 c44 klagana1
I must have more of this! I must! Please please please update this soon! It’s so good!
4/18 c44 rowenasheir
4/15 c44 00esoteric00
love it and I hope to see more soon
4/15 c44 57Rebe Marauder
Estoy disfrutando mucho de la historia.
3/17 c43 2pLei4fun
interesting story, I'm just wondering what did you do with Remus? he like disappeared and was replaced with Lucius as Sirius' best friend. I can't even remember the last time he was even mentioned. I remember dumbledork was considering hiring him as a teacher to control Harry but it wasn't even followed up on and we got Doge instead. justice for Remus! lol
3/5 c44 Aratherfluffyfatcat
Enjoying the story thanks
3/3 c34 Skellefte
please update
2/22 c44 8purplerose97
Love this story, please post the next chapter soon.
2/18 c44 2HMRoberts
I sincerely hope that the (currently 5mos as of 02/18/22) long hiatus doesn't mean this WIP is "abandoned" at such an amazing cliffhanger?
1/31 c44 PrimandButtercup
this is a lovely concept and you are executing it fantastically! I say a job well done.
1/29 c44 Kushka
Great story
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