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for Harry Potter and The Shadowed Light

8/31/2023 c27 paulieandgilbert
You know,... one would think that the average person would be highly disturbed to discover how much Aithusia enjoys peacock. I should be,... but I'm not!
8/11/2023 c1 Zury
️Really LOVE IT! I can't wait for the next chapter!
7/20/2023 c46 Guest
7/19/2023 c21 Guest
Well written and excellent
7/18/2023 c2 Guest
7/14/2023 c46 hourhercrevan
I need more my friend! Please please please!
6/16/2023 c5 AndySnapeS21
I don't know they need name tags I see no reason for from All the teachers have they names on a lit
6/16/2023 c4 AndySnapeS21
I know that in this story it doesn't say if Lupin is dead before Harry goes back in time the only thing I'm asking is Harry used the map but if Lupin is a dead the last of the magic would have died with lupin after the fighting
6/14/2023 c24 5WackySpace
This is so masterfully written. Love the bashing and wit. Not a fan of gay fics but for this one I make an exception. I can't stop reading.
5/23/2023 c46 Shadowsmisery
I’m so excited for your next chapter. It’s a wonderfully written and incredibly well thought out story. Blessings and inspirations to you!
5/8/2023 c46 59MirrorFlower and DarkWind
Oh boy this is going to be crazy
5/7/2023 c46 Airiles'Malfoy
love the story.
4/29/2023 c46 Lilrobo02
I can’t wait for all that’s to come in future chapters! You have written an amazing story!
4/24/2023 c46 meran
just found your story and absolutely love it. I really like that you showed the struggle (would have hoped for more in depth) Neville, Susan... had with accepting Marvolo. Then how Harry fell into his own trap, when Marvolo wanted to free his followers - that Harry had to face his own feelings... So all of them feel like real characters because you show their strength but also their shortcomings...
This chapter is a great cliffhanger. I am looking forward to your next chapter. I truly feel sorry for Ron. He is weak and only now starts to understand what this means - just to go back into old habits. I truly hope that he survives and finally realizes what his actions mean.
Also wondering what backup plans you will have developed for Albus. Cannot imagine how the story is going to evolve.
3/26/2023 c29 LadyTygerEyez
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