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for Harry Potter and The Shadowed Light

3/24/2023 c40 Dicordum
I thought the nutrient potions were twice a week
3/24/2023 c21 Dicordum
Annie, this may just be one of my favorite HP fics yet, you are a phenomenal author, keep up the good work
3/24/2023 c21 Dicordum
Yes, I’m sure Harry isn’t a dominatrix, I’m certain he’s the opposite, and will do whaaaatever Tom wants~ pfft
3/23/2023 c15 Dicordum
Like the story so far but I REALLY wish he would tell his closest family the truth
3/23/2023 c6 Dicordum
Just as a side handed comment considering Tom will likely be way taller than Harry, I just wanna say I love that dynamic, short and tall lovers are adorable, especially when the tall one is dark and silent and glares at people from behind the short one when someone wants to mess with them, it’s adorable
3/22/2023 c29 SablePhoenix
I've always wondered why no one in the books did this for Harry. So much better than just pictures in a book. Great chapter.
3/22/2023 c46 klagana1
I’m so happy to see this updated ! I was actually in the process of rereading it when I saw the update! What an explosive chapter! I can’t wait to see what happens next and to Ron!
3/22/2023 c46 7V. L. Crawford
Thanks for the great update. I can't wait to read more.
3/19/2023 c46 13Stephanie MRV
It took three days since you updated but I reread the entire thing.
Don't blame me, you took so long to update that I needed a refresher. Plus I really like the story so it wasn't a true pain to do.

Now, I know you may hate me for this, oh well, but I have to restate what I have in the past.
Hermione was a waste! Her character had so much potential for revenge but you got rid of her so easily. While I do go back and forth on her I do understand why you would do her the way you did. But still. Forcing her to be a constant pain to everyone and never being 1st in class and then forcibly pulled from school at 5th year by her parents would have been epic! She would then be forced to reenter normal schooling at a much lower standing and more than likely very behind her peers who would have relished in making her life hell. And if she had used magic on them to retaliate it would mean jail or fines. That would have been so juicy.

Ginnys death was anticlimactic. Even Harry said so. But the unraveling they caused Molly and Ron was worth it.

Molly I hope is left a shell of who she was.

Arthur deserves to become a pariah. He is just as much to blame for what happened. He was an absentee father who let too much shit happen without stepping in. He was never home and when he was he was in his shed obsessing over shit that was not worth anything. He needs consequences.

Ron, to me is getting what he deserves. He played the part of a brother to Harry and he is losing everything already so I'm happy. Dumbledore is going down splendidly. All I want is for clarity to set in and for his sanity to stay in tact. I want him to know that his plans died a horrid death before the pawns moved on the board. I want him to loath being outdone.

I want the world to wake up and see how they have been played. Imagine how rich Harry can make gringotts by announcing the results of the tests. How everyone alive in the last century will go clamoring for them. Gringotts will make a killing. Imagine how angry so many people will be.
I bet he did that mostly to muggleborns or common purebloods and half bloods. People who don't have heir rings to protect them or a reason to get those tests done.

Honestly the way he has doomed himself is hilarious.

Will death make an appearance soon now that all the hallows are together?

What about fawkes? What is to happen to him?

Sorry for the super long message but I had so much built up already.
3/18/2023 c16 6redheadfaerie
I'm rereading to remember for the new chapter and the pineapple apple tree put the pen pineapple apple pen song in my head
3/17/2023 c46 mizzrazz72
Molly got what she deserved.
3/17/2023 c46 Aratherfluffyfatcat
Enjoying the story thanks
3/17/2023 c46 DarkRavie
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
3/16/2023 c46 Careena1
Thanks for the update. I really like this story.
3/16/2023 c46 Yana5
Thank you for the chapter. I loved it
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