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6/19 c30 nalu344
I have just found and plowed through this story today and I gotta say it was smooth all the way through, so if not for the remark about it being 2 years since last update I'd have never known. This story is remarkable! Thank you for deciding to see this story through.
5/25 c30 Crusada de Lata
I always love it when Maulloblade makes a longer fic. His one shots and shorter series are gold too but honestly this piece of fiction has made me feel more things than I have in a long time.

I have never been as more satisfied as when Jaune saved Militia, and I have never felt the same tension from a fic as the tension from the emotional parts of this one. I absolutely love the way he writes such compelling situations and characters that go beyond the standard of most fanfiction. Sad to see he may have lost passion for it, but I'd like to see the end of this fic at least even though it's a selfish request.

This was a great walk on the wild side and Maulloblade remains my favorite author. You're doing an amazing job, and let no one tell you otherwise. Have a good one
5/24 c5 Crusada de Lata
Enjoyed how calmly Goodwitch took Jaune's fraud, and especially enjoy how you write the characters so far. Despite being minor characters in general, Hei and the Malachites have always been unused potential
5/2 c30 Incapacitated Ichthyoid
Had to go back and re-read it so this review is a little late.
Another banger of a chapter in this unusual ship story! Here's to the last few chapters man.
4/18 c30 Guest
All I’m saying is, you better finish this.
4/12 c23 Panda.k1ng
I feel like characters can be really dumb. You don’t act vulnerable in front of someone who obviously wants something from you. She suddenly wants you back for your semblance, and your all weak in the knees, why?
4/12 c21 Panda.k1ng
Glynda is being hella manipulative. I hate when characters do this.
4/12 c30 43EmD23

Super excited to see Melanie's story and its conclusion in this story. I really like the way you write the twins, and I've been missing them in your other stories. This one's always nice to come back to.
4/9 c30 BlazinHothead
I'm kinda curious; Are Ruby and Melanie going to be friends or are you planning to go full on 'lez yay' with them?
4/9 c30 Big Bad Beowulf
Hello good author, good to see you back haven't give up this fic. This chapter was pretty interesting especially how different from canon and since WF Lft is there with jaune and militia things are going to be different on the train and I can't wait for it, keep it up good author.
4/1 c30 3Cpt. Lynx
Damn. I had to reread the last chapter to remember myself what exactly was happening. But from what I can see, the transition is seemless. I wouldn't guess that it's more than two years between them. You did good, man. Better than good, even.
And I'm really glad that you decided to pick it up again. This is one unique story, and one I loved from the first chapter.
3/25 c30 Aetherium21
Good chapter, nice character development
3/25 c10 Aetherium21
Do the sisters really need to speak like Californian pre-teens?
3/23 c30 17ImSoAwesome
Ah yes, that is indeed the smell of captivation.

Melanie has always been my favorite character in this fic, and this chapter only reinforces that. Her calming Ruby was a really good moment for so many reasons, and ties in very nicely with her arc. I probably said this before, but I love how this story uses the framing of the twins side of the story to paint team RWBY in a once antagonistic light, juxtaposed incredibly with Jaune, serving as that single connecting line. And yet, it is Melanie's conscious efforts that get her and Ruby to work together, a marked shift in her normally combative nature. And I love how she never admits to this, it's just s nice little quirk I enjoy.

Jaune once again is very good. Relying on Miltia to kill while he defends is a good compromise, since it's not portrayed as him simply being too weak to kill. The fact that Miltia makes that sacrifice for him makes their romance that much more believable and investing. And you can be sure I'm not bullshitting because it takes A LOT to get me into a romance. It's all so fuckin beautiful.

Junior is the best Dad and this can't be argued.

And the fight scenes I thought were pretty good. I know you say you struggle with it, but I can say for sure these scenes do the job well. It's not an action focused story so I'd be surprised if the fights were more bombastic. This simpler, tighter approach works great for this story, so excellent work there as well.

Fantastic chapter, dude.
3/19 c30 9Vercingetorix1234
I read this story years ago and coming back to it now I'm glad to see it updated and that we're close to what I assume is the climax. I really enjoy this story and your characterizations of Miltia and Melanie. I love Jaune and Miltia's relationship, and I also ship Ruby and Melanie. Hope that's in the cards for the ending. Regarding Jaune, I think it's totally understandable that he doesn't want to be a hunter anymore. I hope he still finds a way to be helping people though, and keep interacting with the rest of the RWBY cast. With his Semblance he can heal the wounded, and arguably that's more valuable than anything he could do as a Hunter. Maybe he could focus on keeping Hunters and Huntresses from dying so they can protect Vale better, while also visiting nearby hospitals and stuff of course.
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