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1/19 c12 1bjq
awesome just keeps getting better
2/25/2020 c11 bjq
pretty preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetty pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease update soon
10/28/2019 c11 Guest
Aww I love this story! I hope you keep posting!
10/28/2019 c11 Godschildtweety
Really good
10/23/2019 c11 Mandy32381
I'm really enjoying this story so far. Can't wait for more. Keep up the awesome work!
2/18/2018 c10 14Kayte76
so good to have this update!
2/17/2018 c10 Godschildtweety
Really good
2/17/2018 c10 cheshire15
Love it!
9/7/2017 c9 Sunkissu9
You're back! Yay!
9/7/2017 c9 Kayte76
very sweet chapter!
9/6/2017 c9 Godschildtweety
Really good
9/6/2017 c9 cheshire15
Great update!
7/20/2017 c8 1bjq
7/19/2017 c8 14Kayte76
wow! tough crowd!
7/19/2017 c8 labroussard
I love protective Logan.
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