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for Danny Skywalker

8/16/2019 c6 AnimeGoji91
So Vlad is Supreme Leader Snoke and he what revenge on Luke Skywalker and take both Ben Solo and Danny Skywalker as his dark apprentices and please continues this story please! And also how Vlad was a Sith Lord and how did he become new leader of the First Order and also what his hate to Luke Skywalker and also is Vlad was the Emperor's Secret Apprentice and also you make Vlad more powerful in this story!?
4/27/2019 c5 AnimeGoji91
Hope Danny and Jazz will take on Ben or Kylo Ren to stop him before is too late!?
7/12/2018 c6 18Pink ranger 13
Please update this story for the next chapter!
7/16/2017 c6 Pink ranger 13
its a great story and please continue the story !
6/23/2017 c6 8Wolfking0811
4/17/2017 c2 5t-rex989
This is AWESOME!

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