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7/31/2020 c8 1Soupreme
Damn, so this scary True Ancestor's hot on Chris' tail? That's just asking for trouble lmao. Anyways, I've come across your work and I'm immensely interested as I'm also looking for Negima fanfics and I appreciate the plot and how it looks like Chris will have his own plot in the Negima-verse. Just treat this review from a passing-by reader if you're not working on it anymore. Good chapter though!
9/3/2018 c1 dsIfL
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9/1/2018 c1 OvWmq
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2/20/2018 c8 Argetlam
Good to see another chapter out of you despite the long wait. I liked it, though I will admit that you may have cut some corners in terms of spellchecking, cause I found a number of issues in regards to spelling. Doesn't seem like something you would do, but I guess your not doing so hot right now.

Anyway, I liked the current chapter, and I hope you keep it up in the near future!
8/2/2017 c1 Guest
I'm sorry to say this but HOLY SHIT is this fic good. It is extremely and i mean very fucking extremely rare to find a good negima fanfic these days. Most have just gave up and end up being unfinished but this shows good promise. (sorry for horrible grammar not an english person)
7/7/2017 c1 Argetlam
Liking it so far. Looking forward to more about this story
6/4/2017 c6 ARSLOTHES
looking forward to the next chapter, hope you update this again soon
5/9/2017 c3 1tsun
hmmm mid emotions and feelings for this story. for now, it's in my watch list.
5/9/2017 c2 tsun
... is it really needed to be such flip flaunt on things? I'm not happy with the OC MC but I can tolerate. I just don't like this type of character. the loud and troublesome ones.
4/30/2017 c5 DetatchedPuppet
First of all, I'm loving this so far and this story deserves more recognition! It's really original and, even though I've watched the anime and read the manga countless times, makes me feel like I'm reading a whole new story!

Second, could you please give me a detailed description of Chris? I know you describe him and his looks throughout the story, but I may be a bit of an art addict and I really want to draw him! So, could you please tell me some specifics, like his height, what he usually wears, his skin tone, etc.? Just, anything you can describe about him!

I can't wait for the next chapter!
(p.s. Sorry for the uber long review ")
4/12/2017 c3 29Daemon of Wrath
I've kept tabs on this story thus far...and it seems pretty interesting. Seeing a Negima fic like this nowadays is very rare considering the manga ended years ago. I sincerely hope it will blossom into a complete story unlike the previous ones that have started, yet have been abandoned.

The fact that Chris is practicing a different type of magic seems interesting, especially since its considered a taboo.

Well, I am eagerly looking forward to more.
3/26/2017 c1 4DBKai42
Well, well, well look who decided come back. Anyway excellent chapter! You've really improved a lot since I've read your last chapter in Pale Roots about ohh 3 years ago I think. Again great chapter, can't wait to see the next chapter! Oh and welcome back.

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