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5/16 c3 1Pinkypi
Stories pretty good, my only problem is wtf is a 14 year old doing flirting with an 11 year old. Pretty good otherwise.
4/6 c2 suziq968
I love the idea of this but your spelling is awful. It's making it difficult to focus so a beta would be good.
12/16/2020 c6 6Snarry2013
I love this story and I am so happy that it getting more chapters again, keep it up please
12/7/2020 c6 ILoveGeorgeEads
I loved loved loved loved loved loved it
12/3/2020 c6 James Birdsong
Good fanfic obviously. :)
12/3/2020 c6 11angelbear1
Great story so far
12/3/2020 c6 mizzrazz72
Hermione need to get a grip.
12/3/2020 c6 deathwearsblack
great chapter.
10/10/2020 c5 RandomFandomsGirl
Still love this story! Wasn't expecting an update but still happy we got one! Take your time hun everyone has to take time for themselves and fics are for fun!
9/30/2020 c5 KyuubiChild717
Love it!
9/30/2020 c5 mizzrazz72
Hopefully the feud will end soon.
7/30/2020 c4 crusader2113
>"Wow, just Wow I am stunned. with how popular this story is"
>doesn't post for 2 years
5/1/2020 c4 ScarletRainbow1
I've enjoyed this story, but your last update was May 2018. Please, come back and help Harry and the girls explore the future.
6/27/2019 c4 12Qtelatino1
Well, I am stunned, just stunned as to how this story is unfolding and it is just fabulous. I can't wait for the girls to make a surprise arrival at Hogwart and we have to have one of Rose's St Olaf stories. Those pure bloods need to suffer.

Only one more thing I can say, MORE PLEASE!
6/19/2019 c4 12456237-DeleteAccountPlease
Wow interesting update soon please.
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