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9/8 c6 Maxryu-oh
Entonces es un si
8/28 c1 Maxryu-oh
so it's a yes
8/28 c74 Maxryu-oh
hello I really like your story and I wanted to know if you would allow me to put your story on wattpad please
8/24 c74 50God of the Challenge
So do the bullets shrink when the D-Teams dinos go to chibi size, or do they stay the same size and probably do more damage?
8/18 c71 Guest
I hope your going to add more dinosaurs not seen in the anime. Like Giganotosaurus, Dilophosaurus, oviraptor, Brachiosaurus, etc. Maybe even nondinos like Quetzelcoatilus or Deinosuchus?
I love this story and welcome back.
8/18 c74 554godamora
This was the most delicious chapter. Seeing poachers get what's coming to them.
8/14 c74 8Kaizerthewriter
Woah… you really went all out with this BEHEMOTH of a chapter, it was awesome.

The fight between the poachers and dinosaurs was great, and Max being scared by the thought of death makes sense and feels real, given that he IS still a kid.

Shoutout to the moment where Terry, Tank, and Spiny pulled a three-dino Lion King reference with the running away from the elephant stampede, that has GOT to be my favorite part of this chapter.
8/13 c74 7HunterHQ
Despite Ungaro gone and his men arrested I wonder if he has other branches of his operation after all poachers are usually part of a big international syndicate and have connections in the black market or clients like private collectors who’d pay a fortune for rare animals.

Randomly got Kraven the Hunter ideas when saw the trailer a while back imagine someone powering themselves up with dino dna or something like how Kraven does with animal powers too.

Do the D Team plan to go after crimes too? Imagine if there being criminal underworld assassins or bounty hunters too. (Would like to think for Sula and maybe Rasheed as well despite them dead others may take their place and fill the void they left or whatever operations they have left) Or new secret government projects regarding the dinosaurs too like many movies you see. Imagine a human wanting to brainwash a dinosaur to respond to commands like you see In Jurassic world dominion and fallen kingdom or someone using subliminal messages too. Or testing drugs on them to control them.

After all it’s a big world and new developments beyond expectation or control can arise with the changes and dinosaurs happening, some neither the D Team or Seth may even anticipate, though would Shi and Seikatsu for see them and decide to nip in the bud before they become a problem? Seikatsu isn’t the type to want to control fate though.
8/12 c74 TheTamrielian
Several moments throughout this chapter had me picturing mndiaye_97/Casual Geographic narrating the carnage wrought upon Alpha by the wildlife fixin' to catch bodies.
8/12 c74 Anonymous
This chapter was funny
8/12 c74 9Nathanoraptor
First off, Happy World Elephant Day!

Personally, I think it would have worked better if one of the D-Team's dinosaurs had killed UngaroTerry, perhaps, as revenge for shooting him. Or Packera) to protect the elephant herd and b) to show these are very large and powerful creatures... who you do NOT want to piss off.

Whilst I like the aversion of "What Measure's A Mook"... somehow the idea that the D-Team have blood on their hands works better if the kill is a) a named person and b) is much more personal/brutal. Terry ripping a guy to shreds... somewhat fits that bill.

Also, I'd have liked to have seen more of Ungaro with the Alpha Gang to establish that he's a) somebody who makes his own nominal comrades uneasy and b) somebody who Dr. Z really needs rid of.

In addition... were Gigas, Maximus and Armatus not told about what transpired on the Backlander mutiny? Why, then, in Chapter 56 (I think), does Dr. Z note Rex's being lost that day in front of everyone in a way that implies that everyone knows?
8/12 c74 56Earth Beast
Those poor elephants. Glad those porchers are finally defeated and jailed... except Ungaro.

I feel sorry for the animals and Max, but not for evil Alpha Gang.

Anyway, keep up the great work and Good luck on your next chapter!

Earth Beast
8/12 c74 8EquestriamonWriter101
Well, well, well fancy seeing you come into overdrive writing I am surprised.

Loved the way the Alpha Gang got themselves attacked by all the African Animals.

You also made some great references to the Lion King here, Nigel's just like Zazu always giving The Morning Report.

Yes now that the International Covert Wilderness Hunting Organisation is finally out of the way and with Ungaro dead, the Animals of Africa can live in peace again.

Also I think it's great that Brontikens has finally told Gigas, Armatus and Maximus the truth about his past and what Shi revealed to him last chapter. Now the four can (in a bit of a bad way) work more in sync.

I'm actually glad that Max felt sympathy here and he feels bad that Ungaro is dead, that's what separates the D-Team from Seth. As long as they show remorse then that will keep them from going down the dark path.

Now with Packer and the two Anhangueras safe in the D-Lab there's only 4 Cards left. And the D-Team now have all the Grass, Wind, Lightning and Move Card Dinosaurs.

So after chapter 75 the D-Team will then go and save Genie from the Alpha Gang.

Good writing with this one for someone who tells me to take his time when writing chapters for my story, but other than that take your time writing the next one.

Happy World Elephant Day to you too.
8/12 c74 7Harold Godwinson
So quite a few things to talk about for this one.

First and foremost is that I like and it was worth the wait.

Now onto what I read; If someone told me that Terry of all dinosaurs would lose to a modern day mammal, even an elephant as big and magnificent as Satao, I wouldn't have believed it. That'll be something that Tank-And I imagine Ally as well-will be teasing him about for weeks, much to his embarrasment I'm sure XD

The battle itself was very intense and I liked it. I will just say that I had no idea what the origenal DK makers were thinking when they gave Packers spieces that horn, no offence to them.

As for Ungaros death, I will reveal that I have something else in mind for that when I get to writing a very specific chapter. What it is I won't say, but Kudos for Satao for finding justice for himself and his fellow elephants.

Onto more serious notes, I am kinda bugged that Max and Zoe never actually finished their talk. I will say in the boys defence that it is good of him to think that death shouldn't be the only way to defeat an enemy unless absolutely necessary. And he definetely shouldn't allow what Rex said to him get in the way of doing what's right.

As for Brontikens and his groups bonding. Gigas being gay. I will just say I'm really not sure if I can agree with that. And before you make asumptions, that is not because I'm homophobic (Seriously, I have a guy friend from my school days who's recently propsed to his boyfriend of five years, and we're still friends to this day)

On a final note, I don't know how the hell Pyro ended up in a hippo pod the way he did. I can only imagine the nightmares he'll be having from here on out XD

Now do pardon me, I got a shit load of writing to do.
8/12 c74 mitchell.gamble.brandy
This chapter is fantastic Drew and I'm glad to see Ungaro get what he deserves and glad to see Packer Nigel and Goose get rescued by the D team and other than this I wish you luck in the next chapter so good luck for now.
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