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for Dinosaur King Retold

4/4 c3 Guest
I need Armatus to say something similar to "don't you lecture me with your $30 hair cut!"
3/25 c74 14Pikapikauser4788
Good chapter
3/23 c75 1Animal Behaviorist
Can't Wait For The Next Chapter!
3/22 c75 8Multi-Mediaverse Master 142.0
Um... I'm sure Prehistoric Planet will be getting a lot more seasons to come.
3/17 c75 1TheTamrielian
I'm surprised Meatball Parade wasn't playing over one of the scenes.
3/16 c75 7EquestriamonWriter101
Nice to see Spiny being smart in this chapter. Hopefully in the next chapter the D-Team are able to retrieve Genie's Card and Move Card from the Alpha Gand and Zarah forgives Rex too.
3/13 c75 Anonymous
I’m in France rn and I love how you posted it when I’m here due to the fact that Lexovisaurus was found here
3/12 c75 7Harold Godwinson
Just one thing that needs to be addressed, concerning Lex's hate for being called small.


As for the chapter itself, you weren't kidding you said on the discord page that we'd get a few laughs out of this. It's a well established fact that Spiny's the team idiot, but what we've seen here, references and all... Jesus.

Also funny to see Tank asking why she fell for spiny in the first place.

As for that last bit with the D-team, Lex isn't wrong about Zoe's title. As much as she earned it, it should be Queen Zoe. And I don't say that be annoying (Also yes, we talked about this, so I say let's agree to disagree and leave it at that).

In the mean time. Fang needs some ice on his man parts, We apparently need to guess what happens next chapter. And I need a good night sleep.

(P.S Do tell me that Max and Rex will sort out their disagreement as I could clearly see it was ignored. Just an observation)
3/12 c75 554godamora
Oh I need a zany chapter considering the chaos going on. I'm in the process of moving.
3/12 c75 mitchell.gamble.brandy
This is a very good chapter mate congragalations and I wish you luck in the next chapter for now mate.
3/12 c75 57Earth Beast
Not bad. Like the 'preview' part.

Anyway, good luck with your next chapter!

Earth Beast
3/12 c75 203jboy44
I would like to point out while joking around Max's only objection to marrying zoe is age thats telling as it means its on both of there subconscious
3/10 c1 lukeanimelover
I cant remember any of the plot to the dinosaur king. Its been too long and it isnt on netflix. If abyone has a website or something that has it (preferably free) then pls DM me.
1/27 c1 Rextrw
Can you do dino squad?
12/31/2023 c51 8HunterHQ
When Pyro debuted i imagined him with an arsonist/psycho/pyromaniac/unstable personality since he gets powered up with fire and enjoys to see the world burn. Wonder if during his free time he may enjoy molotov cocktails or fore weapons like flamethrowers
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