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8/28/2022 c58 14Stoned Chompski
i’m already liking Zahrah x Rex. i can tell that instead of Rex having a crush on her like in canon, it’s the reverse. i like it cuz it’s a new trait of his character.

i don’t know but i could definitely see a scene at the very end where Seth ultimately dies (for real this time) and meets with his brother in the Spirit World where they rekindle their love and go for a drink in Heaven lol
8/27/2022 c57 Stoned Chompski
Venom: Where is he?! Where’s that oversized-
Terry: Right behind you.

8/27/2022 c57 Stoned Chompski
the part where Terry threw the Piatnitzkysaurus into the electric fence right after biting down just reminded me of the last scene of the first Jurassic Park when Rexy killed The Big One and threw it at the skeleton.

don’t know if this was a reference but i love this part with Terry nonetheless.

though it just makes me wonder on who would win in raw dinosaur strength, Terry or Rexy. i’m a fan of both lol
8/24/2022 c47 Stoned Chompski
i wonder if Terry will ever find out what happened to his family. i always kind of see Terry finding the skeletons of his family like the scene from the first Ice Age movie where Manny sees those cave drawings and he remembers about his original family

anyway sorry i keep bombarding you with reviews, i just recently started rereading your story from the first chapter again lol
8/23/2022 c50 Stoned Chompski
also honestly Spectre recovering from a year long hangover would’ve also been cool too and hilarious lol
8/23/2022 c71 21Blue Eyes Silver Wolf
I'm excited for the next chapter after reading the reviews.
8/23/2022 c50 14Stoned Chompski
so is the Tyrannosaurus with the seven orbs on his head the previous Dinosaur King?

also i always wondered how Gigas, Maximus, and Armatus look like if they have different fossils and bones in them since they’re not 100% pure Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, and Stegosaurus.
8/22/2022 c49 Stoned Chompski
i’m just imagining Spiny doing what Sheldon does in Big Bang Theory where he goesknock knock knock* Penny. *knock knock knock* Penny. *knock knock knock* Penny

i dunno, it just fits his personality lol
8/21/2022 c46 Stoned Chompski
now i’m curious as to what Dr. Owen and Spike did to deserve such annoyance lol
8/21/2022 c44 8HunterHQ
Looking back you see how strong Helga was and how able she was to keep up with a dinosaur. Fact her parts were in a do it yourself kit means she was readily available somehow. Same for Jonathan how strong he is in combat and able to fight a dinosaur too.

Surely Seth would be able to get their schematics right? Especially Helga’s? Then imagine one Alpha droid with either android’s strength then multiply that by an army of them, just one can fight a dinosaur effectively if they Had Jonathan or Helga’s abilities but an army of them could bring the D Team down to their knees.
8/20/2022 c45 14Stoned Chompski
i understand that the whole “one species or the other” when it comes to mixed species offspring is just some way to finish the story instead of a scientifically explanation but… i can’t help but get a Spiny/Tank version where he has the snout of Spiny but the head of Tank, as well as a spiky back like Tank’s as well as a sail ATTACHED to the armor along with a clubbed tail with a tadpole like tail for science lols and lmaos lol lmao

and all this just reminds of the Family Guy Muppets bit where it showed Ms. Piggy’s and Kermit’s horrifically mutated son where he’s just screaming “KIIIIILL MEEEE! I’M IN CONSTANT PAIN!”

i’m just imagining that but with Tank and Spiny’s and it’s making laugh more than it should lol

i’d name it…. Aaron lol
8/12/2022 c61 Stoned Chompski
also im not sure if i get the paul and edward bit. was that a reference who something or just a funny joke
8/12/2022 c61 Stoned Chompski
i keep finding myself coming back to this chapter. i don’t know, i just like zander and reese’s dynamic and relationship lol

i look forward to seeing these two in the future. keep up the good work!
8/8/2022 c68 Stoned Chompski
ya know it got me wondering. if we’re seeing modern day season 2 characters, will that mean the orphans from the Ancient France arc in canon season 2? cuz if so i got a sneaking feeling that this may (or may not i dunno) be the Alpha Trio’s start of redemption. maybe finally finding out what Dr. Z did to Rex’s mother and everything. anyway, good luck with the next chapter amigo! can’t wait to read more and eventually get into the DinoSeum tournament
8/2/2022 c1 21Blue Eyes Silver Wolf
I hope Brontikens has an arc similar to Iago's
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