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7/18/2022 c68 8HunterHQ
Since Gojirasaurus is a Triassic Dino and the Triassic represents when dinosaurs first began wouldn’t that technically make this one extra special from most of the others given there are so few of them especially in dinosaur King series.
6/28/2022 c29 HunterHQ
Fact that Reese didn’t detect any dinosaur signal means the control chips on the clones blocked detection till they begun to fail, if Seth can perfect them he could maybe use it cloak his own dinosaurs in a way.

You know at zeta point when The Alpha gang were training the droids and had their dinosaurs in full size out yet they weren’t detected I found that strange till only when Ceratosaurus was activated then the D Team could pick up the signal.
6/28/2022 c19 HunterHQ
Looking at move cards it’s clear the energy from the stones made the dinosaurs stronger and more durable to an extent to protect them from life threatening injuries like massive falls with therizinosaurus from the building for example. If they were ordinary dinosaurs they wouldn’t survive for sure. Especially not from moves involving fire or electricity.

Still could these dinosaurs actually die in battle or just revert to cards so only just by old age can kill them at this point? Something I pondered over.
6/28/2022 c18 HunterHQ
With all the chaos and damages dinosaurs caused I found it odd how the anime didn’t have any government action or protesting like what happened in Jurassic World dominion but guess this was a kids series so they wouldn’t understand.

Still it’s kinda unrealistic no human casualties or deaths, though of a dinosaur actually did that while in their confused state for being in an unfamiliar world what would they be punished with?

Think Seth May do something like cause an attack in another part of the world leading to casualties so his enemies have no choice but to respond while he uses it as a distraction or is that too risky?
6/26/2022 c60 HunterHQ
Thought a stone was needed for the teleporter to work along with a dinosaur card, for them to send Dinos out like that.

Wonder if Seth can make improvements to his own teleporter to match the way the D Team do so he can bring the Alpha gang back and forth from missions
6/26/2022 c12 HunterHQ
After downtown runaround I feel the Alpha gang had a tremendous advantage to use all the move and dinosaurs they got here but didn’t, plot device I guess...

I wonder if a dinosaur is put under the alpha controller then slashed by the D Team think it would still have the Alpha ball around it?
6/24/2022 c47 HunterHQ
From what Rod and Laura said they all know the D Team from the game show broadcast which meant all along a while back the Alpha Gang had the chance (after investigating the D Team’s identities and background like their school, where they live) they could have gone over to attack them any time back when they had fewer dinosaurs right? Or blackmail about revealing them to the world a while back, or go after them at school or those close to them like school mates or attack them with robots then. (Also in metal imbalance let’s not forget the teacher or some kids were witnesses too?)

I wonder since the Alpha gang had way advanced tech yet they couldn’t fix their teleporter in time yet Reese was able to design one somehow and make it compatible.
6/20/2022 c22 3Lyndsey Douglas
It is on Netflix in the uk version but it in another language there no English version
6/19/2022 c70 Guest
I’m surprised you didn’t update this during National Dinosaur Day
6/15/2022 c26 8HunterHQ
I wonder when a dinosaur is alpha controlled shouldn’t the same apply to any assist move dinosaurs too? An idea the old alpha control chips used in carnival of chaos maybe the A team can dart enemy dinosaurs with them in a spot that can’t be reached to make them go crazy or even cause damage to blame the d team for.

With all the damages and chaos they cause how they weren’t on the news or investigation is a wonder to me can assume maybe Reese, Rod, Laura or Seth cover up their tracks for their respective teams somehow.

(Have to wonder how much homework Rod and Laura accumulated over the entire first season)
6/15/2022 c5 HunterHQ
Looking back you realise a lot of situations could have been avoided if they just kept their Dinos in their cards like here, sure the dinoholders getting risks of damage or lost is an issue though. Will they change to Dino bracers?

Kinda curious if you thought up backstories for the D Team and Alpha gang dinosaurs, I know Brontikens already but the others?
6/15/2022 c21 HunterHQ
You have to wonder how Aki doesn’t realise all this commotion every time like how she never saw this on the news is a wonder to me.

For Rocko have to wonder if he was under Alpha gang control how could he rebel even if momentarily
5/30/2022 c63 4fangs of death
Yes! Moe(Max x Zoe) ship has sailed. Great chapter!
5/30/2022 c61 fangs of death
I was wondering when Spike's idea to keep the dino's secrete from his wife would come up. Great chapter.
5/28/2022 c51 fangs of death
Awesome! That is all I can say.
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