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5/28/2022 c50 4fangs of death
Man what a head turner, good chapter!
5/27/2022 c43 fangs of death
Good chapter. I agree with you that new episode title. Spinoberg is a douchebag.
5/27/2022 c41 fangs of death
Great chapter! FOod fans unite.
5/27/2022 c36 fangs of death
Great chapter. was that a hint of Max and Zoe shipping fluff?
5/12/2022 c51 Anonymous
Whenever I read the finale the sound track from the ending of Disney dinosaur plays
5/1/2022 c27 Anonymous
For those asking about element boosters this is the chapter to look at as it explains everything about them
4/14/2022 c20 8HunterHQ
Regarding how they got the seismosaurus card think Seth may try to experiment this theory and create new cards with dinomond amber power since they likely still have some? Smashing fossils with the amber nearby to make new cards?
4/5/2022 c70 1RomisaThFar12367
You're story is amazing and Awesome! And I love it!
4/1/2022 c1 PBC
Happy 5th anniversery
3/28/2022 c3 pmbest2000
Man I love It when Terry used Volcano Burst. it was like KaBoooooom!
3/21/2022 c69 realizeanime
seriously, when will chapter 71 be uploaded? you've been quiet for a while and we all want to know what happens next
3/8/2022 c70 realizeanime
so when will there be more chapters? you've been quiet since October!
2/4/2022 c70 Guest
Happy 15th anniversary Dinosaur King I still can believe it’s been all that time I watched it as a kid and now look where we are now and I hope to see the next chapter of this perfect story real soon
2/4/2022 c38 realizeanime
jonothon's upside down head? rex from the future? the black t. rex?
2/3/2022 c33 realizeanime
so who were the voices watching the D-team kick the alpha gang's ass? are they gonna play a part in the story too?
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