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8/12/2023 c74 7Harold Godwinson
So quite a few things to talk about for this one.

First and foremost is that I like and it was worth the wait.

Now onto what I read; If someone told me that Terry of all dinosaurs would lose to a modern day mammal, even an elephant as big and magnificent as Satao, I wouldn't have believed it. That'll be something that Tank-And I imagine Ally as well-will be teasing him about for weeks, much to his embarrasment I'm sure XD

The battle itself was very intense and I liked it. I will just say that I had no idea what the origenal DK makers were thinking when they gave Packers spieces that horn, no offence to them.

As for Ungaros death, I will reveal that I have something else in mind for that when I get to writing a very specific chapter. What it is I won't say, but Kudos for Satao for finding justice for himself and his fellow elephants.

Onto more serious notes, I am kinda bugged that Max and Zoe never actually finished their talk. I will say in the boys defence that it is good of him to think that death shouldn't be the only way to defeat an enemy unless absolutely necessary. And he definetely shouldn't allow what Rex said to him get in the way of doing what's right.

As for Brontikens and his groups bonding. Gigas being gay. I will just say I'm really not sure if I can agree with that. And before you make asumptions, that is not because I'm homophobic (Seriously, I have a guy friend from my school days who's recently propsed to his boyfriend of five years, and we're still friends to this day)

On a final note, I don't know how the hell Pyro ended up in a hippo pod the way he did. I can only imagine the nightmares he'll be having from here on out XD

Now do pardon me, I got a shit load of writing to do.
8/12/2023 c74 mitchell.gamble.brandy
This chapter is fantastic Drew and I'm glad to see Ungaro get what he deserves and glad to see Packer Nigel and Goose get rescued by the D team and other than this I wish you luck in the next chapter so good luck for now.
8/12/2023 c74 8HunterHQ
Funny Pyro moment with water now the D Team have a sure fire weakness against him, and if Brontikens was there I can see him mocking him for said comedic weakness.

Ungaro sure Don’t seem the same as when they debuted being comedic and incompetent to an extent. Well with them dead leaves less allies for Seth to work with now he just has the ninjas and thieves.

Glad Mary was there again wonder if we may see old friends again like Dewey or John (Loch Ness Mess).

Was a rather Disgusting image about the hippo experience with Max's past at the zoo...

Next chapter lexovisaurus, given the move Sand trap thought it meant being in the desert so Big Ben meaning London, a surprise there? London was where Tank was found wonder if it may bring up memories for her.

Since the poachers left Dr Z, the gang should have interrogated them about where Seth last was or what his recent plans were whatever they overheard.

I feel Terry held back could have blasted a fire cannon and turned the elephant into a poached pachyderm.

Wonder why Dr z doesn't send droids to catch dinosaurs for him if the trio are so incompetent. I’d say it’s plot armour that they get back to base somehow after this. But still if he treats them like dirt he won’t have help next time when he needs it or stop them from just running away and not coming home. Like Ruff and Ready thought he would appreciate them better. Don’t want a repeat they could just run off and offer their stones to the d team for sanctuary. Being with dr z and being abused is worse than any prison sentence right? May as well turn themselves in.

Side note you should check out the new youtube series Sauria, it's a pretty cool dinosaur fantasy series.
8/11/2023 c74 14Stoned Chompski
First off, I love Ungaro’s line at the beginning. “Loxodonta africana. The african elephant.” before firing his gun at it. So sinister and well written. I can totally see this happening on screen followed by the theme song. Love the cinematography.

Absolutely loved the climax and Max’s near death experience. Irs nice seeing this story getting actual serious moments like death.

Loved this chapter as always with any other chapter lmao. Keep up with the great work as always broski!
7/14/2023 c73 Guest
i wonder how you are gonna do the dino tectors and element boosters
7/15/2023 c73 3Multi-Mediaverse Master 142.0
I hope the D-Team manage to get Genie the Isisaurus back.
7/8/2023 c73 TheTamrielian
Another chapter featuring another absolute lung-buster of a pop culture reference. Ahhhh, good stuff.
7/7/2023 c73 554godamora
Glad to see this back.

So looks like next time we have one of the worst depictions of Pachyrhinosaurus coming up and also maybe a huge elephant that is a return of Palaeoloxodon namadicus.
7/7/2023 c73 7EquestriamonWriter101
Well Drew, I was beginning to wonder where you were, but now here you are.

Interesting with Brontikens and Shi telling him the tale of his past.

At least Phantom is safe and now the D-Team have all the Wind Dinosaurs and Grass Dinosaurs safe.
7/7/2023 c73 matthorserider40
Thankfully the D-team managed to prevent the Afrovenator aka phantom from getting captured by the alpha gang like genie did. Looks like Dr.Z is jealous of Seth for getting the biggest bounty on his head over him but that last part at the end I have a feeling the Black T-Rex is gonna be created soon and give everyone trouble. I do wonder what that monstrosity Tyrannosaurus Rex’s name would be Thanotos? Abomination (due to his freakish size and mutated appearance)? Obsidian? Scourge? The possibilities of that name for that Rex is endless. Boy I can’t imagine how haunted Brontikens is now after that revelation from Shi (who I’m guessing is some kind of deity or something given that he’s the dark phoenix I’m gonna guess that his sister I don’t know her name is the light phoenix but it seems that she isn’t entirely innocent or something but no one is perfect) cause that had to trouble the apatosaurus a lot hopefully seeing himself in his past for his actions gives him a wake up call and hopefully opened his eyes that he wasn’t being different at all and realizes how wrong he was and that he understands now that strength alone isn’t everything and it doesn’t make him a king I also hope that eventually he redeems himself in some way but this is wishful thinking. Plus I hope that whenever the final battle arises I hope that Seth gets his karma Dr Z. Edd Zander and Ursula face their crimes against Dr Ancient and face justice for what they did though I would be surprised if they actually ever redeem themselves when they discover Seth’s treachery and what he’s planning cause they should’ve realized that he’s not someone to trust at all but they’re too blind to see it.

Hey drew I was unaware that when people asking you for updates on the story gets you irritated I just saw that on the notes from the bottom I just want you to know that I’m glad I know now cause I don’t want to end up like one of those people who kept asking about it constantly and get you mad. I don’t know if I was one of those people or not as I don’t often do that, I only ask about the updates on occasion but only when I feel it is necessary but I will respect your wishes not to be asked about it.

-Sincerely Matthew
7/7/2023 c73 57Earth Beast
The D-Team has got one new Dinosaur! Great work.

Good luck with your next chapter.

Earth Beast
7/6/2023 c73 14Stoned Chompski
Hallelujah! Another chapter!

For starters, I like Rex’s darker personality… and at the same time perplexed by it. Seems out of character for him wishing death on someone. I sure hope he figures all this out in the future.

Also, is it implied that the Alpha Trio have no idea about Dr. Ancient’s murder? Im assuming they were told it was an accident and that’s why they seemed offended when Dr. Owen accused them. Maybe Dr. Z lied to them and they genuinely don’t know what he did to Dr. Ancient. If thats so… then theres still hope for the Alpha Trio to redeem themselves! I’m sure when they eventually learn the truth, theyll have a change of heart! I know it!… I hope…

Anyway… AWWWWW SNAP! AW SHNIZZITY SHNAP! Seth found the Black T-Rex’s skeleton. I can’t wait until he ressurects it. And it looks like Ungaro will be playing a huge role next chapter. I can’t wait!

7/6/2023 c73 7Harold Godwinson
So aside from that battle, which was awesome as always, there are a few things that feel I should be honest about.

The biggest of them has to do with Rex. I know you said you find the whole going down the dark path thing a bit cliche, but the blonds behaviour in this chapter just screams red flags.

Unlike Elliot or some of my other characters in my stories, he doesn't know the terrors that can come with taking another being's life, no matter the reason why. And though he claims he's doing it for his people, some of the words and actions he took say otherwise. It definitely didn't help how he intimidated his own best friend into not even wanting to talk to him, pretty much threatening him to stay out of his way or else, never mind how Ace seemingly saw the same picture. And I can't say for sure if Zoe's talk had actually helped at all.

There are only two ways that Rex could act after achieving such an objective that I see currently. One is being plagued by nightmares of such a moment, with Seths cold corpse tormenting him, the other could be once he makes one kill he allows himself to kill again, and again, and again, until he destroys the kind soul he should be on the inside. I remember reading an httyd story that had Hiccup go down such a path, and I can honestly say that if it weren't for his friends, Stoick, Gobber and Toothless, that is precisely what would've happened.

Trust me when I say that I've read enough stories (both fiction and real) to know how can affect a good person (Max's kill in DKPI can attest to that), and if Rex doesn't seek out proper guidance who knows that feeling and how to cope with it, then the boy threatens to lose himself. Permanently.

But, enough about that now, it's time to bring up what I did like about this chapter.

First was that impromptu drill that Beta sicked on the herd. I'm not going to lie when I say I found the whole thing hilarious more than serious. I mean you're talking about 50 or so dinosaurs, and they shit their pants when they saw who they thought was pyro and the clones. I mean, the supposed fire I understand, but everything else about it was lol. Kudos on the Toy story 2 reference as well.

Then there was Brontikens's back story. I know he's always valued strength above all else but damn, and the fact that he was a king at one point? I have theories on why Seikatsu brought him back from the dead, but until then, I'm gonna have to leave this out of his past if I want him and Dynerra to work out in the end.

Finally, there was those new alpha droids. I was assuming at first you were bringing in that absolutely huge droid in red (you should know the one I'm talking about) but these ones seem smaller than that. Still though, it was cool to see them briefly in action.

Needless to say I'm looking forward to what comes next. And I hope that the boys come to some sort of understanding, before it's too late.

(P.S I just realised that this is the longest review I think I've ever given you. Take it as you will)
7/6/2023 c73 8HunterHQ
Almost thought we may see an actual dino ghost but the stone plates containing the spirits of the dinosaurs doesnt that count?

Seth later with Black t rex we can assume he revives it from the dead like the anime? Makes me wonder when it comes back to life its original soul when it was alive will be brought back from the afterlife to begin a new life? Or a new soul entirely i wonder. Wonder if this t rex has a special history to be in perfect condition.

Wonder would it be better to save the dinosaurs by
Time travelling back or revive them from the dead then less risk to the time stream or time line. Imagine if something goes wrong and the ressurection turns them into zombie dinosaurs instead.

Though with plot reasons maybe this black t rex will be the only one Seth can revive because it is the only fossil with perfect enough dna and condition?

The alpha gang dinosaurs and clones seem to be getting along a little better now wonder if they may pull off something like fusion moves. In the anime fusion moves were the only way to defeat Black t rex especially the ultimate fusion move.

Wonder why Helga still puts up with the Alpha gang since they are wanted criminals, her primary function is to look after Rod and Laura after all.

Too bad the droids didn’t last too long guess it is another failure on Seth’s part for now.

Imagine if the other d team parents may try to use dinosaurs too.

Shi and past lives almost remind me of avatar in a way wonder if some of them that were good may try to convince his present self to stop his evil ways.

The dinosaurs can only talk after being defeated then summoned by the d team or alpha gang? Or summoned by a stone?

If Seth were to mix fossils together in good condition to make a hybrid species or mix dna from the dinosaurs in his arsenal in your story would that be feasible?
7/6/2023 c6 Brony fan
If you are brony and dinosaur king fan why not pony dinosaur king crossover?
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