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7/6/2023 c73 mitchell.gamble.brandy
You did very good with this chapter Drew even when the D team got a hold of Phantom and I hope Ungaro is not doing what I think he is planning on doing with Max and for Seth and that T rex skeletion I have an Idea on where that is going but I won't say anything or I may spoil any secrets about it but other than all this I wish you the very best luck on your next chapter and I hope the D team can get the Pachyrhinosaurus before the alpha gang could so good luck for now Drew.
7/6/2023 c73 8HunterHQ
The Backland wonder if Seth is capable of making it teleport itself and if he improved the teleporter so that he can take people and things onto it without anyone noticing. Or imagine using it to teleport and hide bombs around the world. Imagine if by chance some submarine on patrol bumps into the backland or one way is to find the alpha trio and maybe put a tracker on them or their vehicle when they go back to base they’d give away their locations

The d lab protecting the dinosaurs from the teleporter the d team usually take them all with them when they go on adventures right? So then they’re unguarded for an attack? Wonder if when a new dinosaur appears Seth can lock onto it then teleport it to base?

Now we see super droids appear, the old ones wonder if they may feel envious and obsolete thus there being dissension among the ranks.

Fun fact there was a Loch Ness monster actually.

Thought the stone plates choose their wielded so surprised with Rex giving Dr Owen one. Rex wanting to murder Seth worrying signs there.

Seems black T rex is coming soon at the end scene

Also surprising Brontiken’s history wonder how he forgot all that.
5/7/2023 c72 Guest
In the next episode, can you include Thorn, Toro, Lucky, Ally, Mia, Iguano, Beta, Bali, Sushi, Marlin, Trooper and Lola going on a mission with the D-Team and the original six?
3/14/2023 c72 matthorserider40
I think after this defeat the d team will need to really up their game and I think that Terry will need to have a new move card upgrade after this. Something similar to Godzilla from the 2019 film when he was in his burning state something far more powerful than fire scorcher like atomic fury where any energy attacks that brontikens and his palls use on him it would only make him recharged and use it again knocking them off their feat and melt their armors as well as the weapons that are placed with it. Cause he’s going to need it along with the other d teams dinosaurs are going to need to upgrade their attacks and need far more powerful move cards that the alpha gang wouldn’t expect or see coming.

Hopefully Zarah and Rex can mend their bond and have their feelings resurfaced and rescue genie
2/21/2023 c40 Guest
I love the Stegosaurus. She's like an angel, or better still, a goddess.
2/14/2023 c72 Guest
Meant to say sorry for Rex and hope to see a new chapter soon
2/13/2023 c72 Guest
Happy Valentines Day for Max and Zoe but sorry for to see a new chapter soon.
2/4/2023 c48 Guest
Chomp: Terry! Ally Likes You!

Terry: Well, since you put it that way, Bro.
2/4/2023 c42 Guest
I've always seen the Allosaurus as a male, but the type of sex/gender you see it as is fine by me.

And another thing, she really seems to like Terry a lot, does she?
2/4/2023 c40 Guest
Lola is a good name for the Stegosaurus, I once had a beloved, pet golden doodle named Lola, She passed away last year, several months ago, and, because I loved her so much, I really miss her so much, and will never get over her death because it will never be the same again without her.
1/31/2023 c19 Guest
How can a Stegosaurus land on his back without damaging his plates? That really doesn't sound right.
1/21/2023 c72 Guest
1/14/2023 c72 57Earth Beast
Great chapter. Shame D-Team lost Genie but I'm sure they'll get it back sooner or later.

Anyway, good luck with your next chapter!

Earth Beast
12/28/2022 c46 554godamora
Kui: The design is alright. Inaccuracies are the head shape is too rounded, arms too slender, back should be straight, etc. Score: 8/10
12/28/2022 c44 54godamora
Guru: The design only needs three changes. The usual feet arrangement and armor arrangement. Oh and forgot the longer neck. Score: 8/10
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