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12/28/2022 c41 554godamora
Sweet Tooth: The design holds up though the usual differences are present. Arms should face each other and are a bit too big. Not sure if the head is shrink-wrapped or not. Score: 9/10
12/28/2022 c40 54godamora
Lola: Since she & Armatus are the same genus, the same score applies.
12/28/2022 c39 54godamora
Torch: Now this Lord of Lizard Eaters is thought to be just a larger species of Allosaurus or its own species. That said, the size is larger and for once the arms are facing each other though not quite. The spikes on the back are keratinous. Score: 9/10
12/28/2022 c38 54godamora
Victor, Vincent, Veloci: The design is mostly correct with a few changes needed. More feathers and hands facing each other. At least the size is right. Score: 9/10
12/28/2022 c37 54godamora
Iguano: Ah, the 2nd named dinosaur. Design is alright with a few changes. For one, it should be much larger/robust, larger thumb spike, hands facing each other. Score: 7/10
12/28/2022 c36 54godamora
Dino, Danno, & Sue: The design is a bit like a JP3 Raptors. As such, should be smaller, more feathers, hands facing each other, and skull shape longer & lower. The pack hunting I won’t nitpick since there’s only 3 and are siblings. Score: 6/10.
12/28/2022 c35 54godamora
Delta: Oh boy. We got another stuck in taxonomic hell. I’ll stick with the Neovenatorid interpretation instead of the giant Noasauridae version. That said, the arms are facing down and too big & the tail is too short. Score: 8/10
12/28/2022 c34 54godamora
Marlin: The design holds up with the only differences being slightly shrink-wrapped head, missing a crest, arms facing each other, and back is a bit too arched. A point of behavior is being adept at swimming, something confirmed by bone density in the same study that showed Suchomimus was more suited to hunting on land. Score: 9/10
12/28/2022 c33 54godamora
Pawpaw: Same changes needed. Different armor & foot arrangement, along with skull shape being too boxy instead of being long. Score: 8/10
12/28/2022 c32 54godamora
Romeo & Juliet: Since there are two species of Saurolophus, I think it’s fair to say based on size and the large scales on their backs, these are the Nemegt species. Same changes needed with other Hadrosaurs: the front feet and back & tail held straight. And since there is sexual dimorphism, the female should be smaller & have a different crest shape. Score: 9/10
12/28/2022 c31 54godamora
Toro: The design is easily recognizable as a Torosaurus latus. With a few differences. The horns could be longer, foot arrangement, and shorter tail. Score: 9/10
12/28/2022 c30 54godamora
Teddy: The design holds up well with two or three differences. Not as rotund, arms facing each other, claws should be different lengths. The only feather thing would be either less fluff or less feathers due to weighing as much as Tarbosaurus. Score: 9/10
12/28/2022 c26 54godamora
Futaba: Not much to say aside from how Plesiosaur necks weren’t very flexible. Score: 9/10
12/28/2022 c25 54godamora
Francine: Her design is faithful to her fossil counterpart with a few differences: a bit bigger than normal, the neck is too short, different feet arrangement, and shorter tail. Score: 8/10
12/27/2022 c24 54godamora
Nessie: Regarding this Amargasaurus, it was correct for the time but now the sail is back. Aside from that, the same issues as usual for sauropods: more accurate feet and longer tail. Score: 8/10
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