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12/27/2022 c23 554godamora
Meg: Before we begin, a point about the Pterosaurs. Their feet couldn’t be used to grip things. And now for Meg. . . oh boy. Not only has she gotten a major makeover in design but classification. I go with being an offshoot of Tyrannosaurs. Score 4/10.
12/27/2022 c22 54godamora
Hana: Her design, while accurate enough, does have some changes needed. Mainly different armor & feet arrangement. Score: 9/10
12/27/2022 c21 54godamora
Charles: Speaking of giant sauropods, the same for Gertie applies here. Score: 8/10
12/27/2022 c20 54godamora
Gertie: Before we begin, I also thought the same thing and also wished that the giant sauropod was actually an Argentinosaurus. Now onto inaccuracy. You beat me to it now being Diplodocus hallorum. Aside from that, nostril placement further down the skull, tail more whip-like and more accurate foot placement. Score: 8/10
12/27/2022 c19 54godamora
Bali: His design has the same ‘inaccuracies’ as Terry: slightly shrink wrapped head, arms facing each other, etc. Score: 9/10.
12/27/2022 c18 54godamora
Rocko: The design is recognizable as an Altirhinus though with a few changes needed. The nasal bump needs to be shrunk though we don’t really know how much bigger an air sac would make it so it gets a pass. Hands need to be oriented properly, and tail should be stiffened. Score: 9/10
12/27/2022 c17 54godamora
I forgot the Super Acro’s name was Pyro not Torch.
12/27/2022 c16 54godamora
Beta & Torch: The designs for both are also accurate with the usual differences: shrink-wrapped skull, skull needs to be longer, arms facing each other, longer tail. The ridge should be less exaggerated. Score: 8/10
12/27/2022 c15 54godamora
Diamond: Her design is accurate with only two or three differences. Downgrade in size, hands facing each other, & tail needs to be longer & stiffer. Score: 9/10
12/27/2022 c14 54godamora
No new dinosaur this time but I did notice a few lines uttered by the Alpha Gang once Max activated Ultimate Fire & Thunder.
12/27/2022 c13 54godamora
Brontikens: As his name suggests, this is in fact Brontosaurus. Been back for nearly a decade. The design does have some differences: nostril placement, neck angle, & longer tail. For once, the feet are accurate. Score: 9/10
12/27/2022 c12 54godamora
Sushi: Contrary to Suchomimus’s portrayal in this, a study released this year showed that this Crocodile mimic was more adapted for hunting on land due to the bones being less dense. Aside from that design is not bad- same arm issue as before, tail too short, and back too much of a hunch. Score: 8/10
12/27/2022 c11 54godamora
Lucky: Poor Ceratosaurus. Always seen as the whipping boy in paleo-media. Not helped by this one being very thin. In reality, Ceratosaurus was a lot beefier. As for species, perhaps the type species, C. nasicornis. Score: 7/10

Jet, Turbo, Glider: There is debate if Pteranodon sternbergi is under the Pteranodon genus or if it belongs to Geosternbergia. That said, design is ok. Could be larger and have pycnofibers. Score: 8/10
12/27/2022 c10 54godamora
Trooper: Only two differences this time around. Different armor placement & feet. Score: 9/10.
12/27/2022 c9 54godamora
Thorn: His design holds up well with a few changes needed. A bit larger than normal, nasal horn angle more forward, and different feet arrangement. I do like the short spikes on the back which are probably attached to larger scales. Score: 9/10
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